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Next Generation Infrastructure For Clean Energy Infrastructure

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PETALUMA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SRC Digital Insurance Services has announced a collaboration with BuilderChain and Staten Solar to implement a digital ecosystem to develop a portfolio of solar projects implementing next generation technology to benefit all project stakeholders.

"Engaging with multiple DOE grants, trade associations and industry leaders has provided a roadmap for implementing a project digital ecosystem with multiple stakeholders, a Metaverse, for more efficient project and risk management," said K. Dixon Wright, President of SRC Digital Insurance Services. "We don’t undertake this alone, but on the shoulders of many," said Wright.

"The BuilderChain platform, powered by Palantir Foundry and AIP, provides an online platform for the formation of a digital ecosystem, enabling all stakeholders the opportunity to engage with project information," said Don Bowden President of BuilderChain. "The engagement and transparency helps every stakeholder to do their respective job better, from the contractors and supply chain to the capital markets like finance, insurance and surety."

"As a developer of solar projects we look for ways to better manage projects, but too also provide better information to our financial partners," said Sam Bhanot, President of Staten Solar. "The DOE grant program has supported the expansion of data standards like XBRL, and initiatives from a number of trade associations have created the foundation for implementing next generation infrastructure," said Bhanot, "and we look forward to utilizing on our solar projects as a model for sustainable and resilient communities."

"What's important is what happens after the integration, the operational gains that are achieved by leveraging digital ecosystems. Integration is not the objective. Operational gains are the objective," said Bowden.

About SRC Digital Insurance Services

SRC Digital Insurance Services is at the forefront of digital innovation, specializing in connecting stakeholders within the Metaverse to capital and financial markets. By implementing next generation digital products and services, SRC Digital is committed to enhancing the efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability of infrastructure. By applying improved administration and risk management to all types of next generation infrastructure SRC can contribute to the success of its clients and community.

About BuilderChain

At the BuilderChain Network, our vision is to accelerate the construction industry's transition to a new level of operational effectiveness.

To serve that vision, the BuilderChain Network's mission is to connect, inspire and nurture the world's construction industry's professionals and their organizations to empower a more productive and successful project delivery.

About Staten Solar Corporation

Staten Solar is a leading solar and storage developer and installer. Founded in 2008, with offices in San Jose, California and New Delhi, India, the company's focus is commercial and utility solar PV applications where it has a combined experience of more than 1 GW of projects. For more information, follow Staten Solar on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or on the website.


SRC Digital Insurance Services
K. Dixon Wright

Don Bowden

Staten Solar
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First published on Mon, Apr 22, 2024

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