TechDogs-"New Pharmacy Automation And Technology Provider JFCRx Brings Analytics And Innovation To Forefront Of Pharmacy Operations"

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New Pharmacy Automation And Technology Provider JFCRx Brings Analytics And Innovation To Forefront Of Pharmacy Operations

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GENOA CITY, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--JFCRx, a supplier of pharmacy automation and technology solutions, announces its entrance to the pharmacy automation space. Conceived and operated by a team of pharmacy industry veterans, JFCRx provides pouch and blister adherence packagers, inspection systems, and vial-fillers for the pharmacy market.

The company’s mission is to be a business solutions partner that helps pharmacies define and realize their vision for the future, using data and analytics to streamline pharmacy operations and provide a level of customer service that surpasses customers' expectations.

Duane Chudy, a familiar industry figure with 40+ years of experience in the pharmacy automation space, joined the JFCRx team with a mission to provide the marketplace with high-touch service and customer engagement.

“With a focus on driving efficiency and productivity, JFCRx is well-poised to create an impact for our customers on day one of every engagement,” said Chudy. "Today, pharmacies are challenged to do more with less – less labor, less space, and shrinking margins. Automation equipment certainly helps with that, but JFCRx is layering consulting, analytics, and software to take it so much further.”

Fellow industry veteran Matt Noffsinger, JFCRx Senior Vice-President and Co-Founder, said, “We leverage software-driven intelligence that can only come from having all your systems connected. It’s in this operational insight, driven by data, where true efficiency and savings come in. It also positions pharmacies to improve and grow continually while identifying new revenue streams.”

JFCRx’s offerings include multi-dose blister card automation, adherence pouch packaging solutions, pouch verification systems, and vial filling. “The true differentiator for JFCRx is a focus on real-time business intelligence that empowers our pharmacy partners to make data-driven decisions that make them more efficient and profitable,” said Chudy.

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About JFCRx

JFCRx ( is a pharmacy automation partner that offers a full suite of complementary pharmacy automation solutions: leading-edge equipment and software, business process improvement intelligence, comprehensive analytics, and superior customer service. Led by an experienced team of pharmacy industry veterans, JFCRx leverages real-world data to help pharmacy operations become more efficient, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs through “analytics-driven automation.” More than a vendor of automation solutions, JFCRx is a technology solutions partner that provides the tools pharmacies need to be successful.


Jeffrey Swanson | SVP of Sales & Marketing

First published on Mon, Oct 2, 2023

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