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New CPS Protection Platform: TXOne Networks Presents SageOne In Hannover

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All CPS security products now come together on the central management platform. This simplifies operation and optimises threat detection.

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TXOne Networks, a leading company in the field of cyber-physical systems (CPS) security, will be presenting its new CPS security platform during the Hannover Messe from 22nd to 26th April 2024 at stand B06 in hall 16: SageOne, which means Wise Man Number One. This central management console provides an overview of the CPS attack surface of the OT environment.

All three TXOne product lines can be centrally controlled, namely Stellar for endpoint protection, Element for security inspection and Edge for network defense. The platform offers integrated OT security across the entire lifecycle of the objects to be protected and enables reliable detection and response to threats.

SageOne essentially covers three main pillars:

  • CPS Attack Surface Management: Visibility is a cornerstone for cybersecurity. A clear view of the overall security posture helps identify security focal points in an OT environment. SageOne focuses on operational security by honing in on assets and illuminating the security information of various controls.
  • Integrated Lifecycle Protection: Centralized management simplifies cybersecurity governance and achieves collaborative defense. As an abstraction layer, SageOne streamlines the contextualization and consolidation of data across various products. It offers a tailored, task-oriented console designed specifically for executives, security personnel, and plant leaders.
  • CPS Threat Detection & Response: Properly handling known threats is absolutely crucial. Coping with unknown threats is equally important. SageOne compiles all security insights from multiple solutions and scouts for potential risks in order to enable early caution and response when needed.

To achieve this goal, the platform includes the following key components:

  • Threat intelligence means collecting, analysing and applying knowledge about potential and existing threats against a CPS. The TXOne Threat Research department carries out a large number of investigations into vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) devices and protocols. It analyses malware and ransomware in connection with Operational Technology (OT) threats. This information can also come from a variety of other sources: Publicly available data, industry reports and private sector information.
  • Behaviour-based AI analytics engines use artificial intelligence to monitor and analyse the behaviour of users, devices and systems within a CPS. This advanced analytics engine learns the normal behavioural patterns of these entities and can detect unusual activity or anomalies that could indicate a security threat.
  • The Compliance Framework provides a structured approach to compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations. It includes policies, procedures and controls to ensure that every system complies with legal requirements, industry standards and security best practices.
  • The Data Visualiser is a tool that transforms complex safety data and metrics into an easy-to-understand visual form. Using diagrams, graphs and network maps, security professionals can recognise patterns and trends as well as anomalies more quickly.
  • The Ecosystem Integrator helps to seamlessly integrate different tools and technologies. This includes standardising data formats, promoting the interoperability of different systems and creating a coherent security architecture that covers the entire ecosystem. This enables security forces to obtain a standardised overview of the security situation, automate processes and respond more effectively to threats.

SageOne focuses on the analysis of unexpected behaviour and unknown threats. Suspicious events can be identified by comparing endpoint and network telemetry within the OT-native XDR (Extended Detection and Response) engine. The platform thus combines advanced technologies with a user-friendly interface to ensure the protection of critical infrastructures. To achieve reliable CPS attack surface management, SageOne also offers Asset Centric Visibility to provide full visibility of any device on the network. In addition, the analysis of the attack surface is prioritised and recommendations are made.

To enable a rapid response to threats, SageOne can issue early warnings of suspicious behaviour in the network as part of CPS Threat Detection & Response Orchestration using cross-telemetry analysis.

In addition, Integrated Lifecycle Protection protects devices and systems over their entire service life. The centralised management of the security solutions and the unified defence under one roof contribute to this, resulting in high cost efficiency. With SageOne, TXOne Networks emphasises its commitment to the security and reliability of CPS and continuously drives the development of OT security.

Visit TXOne Networks at the Hannover Messe from 22nd to 26th April 2024 at booth B06 in hall 16.

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About TXOne Networks

TXOne Networks provides OT security products that ensure the reliability and security of industrial control systems and operational technology environments through the OT Zero Trust methodology. TXOne Networks works with both leading industrial manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop practical and business-friendly approaches to OT defence. TXOne Networks offers both network and endpoint-based products to secure OT networks and mission-critical devices in real-time and with high security depth.


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First published on Thu, Apr 25, 2024

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