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Neuron7 Introduces ResolutionGPT, Generative AI To Resolve Issues In Complex Service Environments

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New Solution for Technical Support, Field Service, and Engineering, Where Accuracy is Critical 

  • Brings Neuron7’s Step-by-Step Resolutions and Search Together with OpenAI GPT’s Conversational Capabilities
  • Provides Accurate Guidance Based on a Specific Enterprise’s Service Data
  • Delivers Service Insights in Any Language, Based on Input in Any Language (Multilingual Capabilities)

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AccuratePredictions--Neuron7, the leader in AI for service, today announced ResolutionGPT, a powerful new solution that helps resolve complex service issues in conversational applications.

Complex service environments require accurate resolutions. For example, a malfunctioning CT scanner needs real-time, accurate step-by-step resolutions. Service teams that support devices, equipment, and technical products may encounter thousands of potential errors and resolution paths. Capturing and disseminating knowledge is critical to resolve issues quickly, increase uptime, and improve first-time fix rates.

Neuron7 generates accurate resolution intelligence by extracting knowledge from an organization’s product manuals, engineering notes, past cases, and knowledge base articles to predict step-by-step resolution paths and point to exact answers via search.

And now, Neuron7’s resolution intelligence is combined with OpenAI GPT’s conversational capabilities, bringing together accuracy and readability within Slack, Microsoft Teams, chat, a self-service portal, or any other conversational application.

"The world around how your customers and service technicians interact with your data has changed profoundly," said Niken Patel, CEO and Cofounder of Neuron7. "Neuron7 brings the best of both worlds to our customers via ResolutionGPT—adding generative AI’s human-like conversational capabilities to the resolution accuracy we already deliver via our Intelligent Diagnostics and Intelligent Search products."

ResolutionGPT generates resolution intelligence in any language and makes it available in any other language.

ResolutionGPT actively blocks responses based on anything other than Neuron7’s accurate resolution intelligence, preventing any extraneous information from being generated.

To learn more and view a demo video, visit

About Neuron7

Neuron7 provides AI solutions to help make accurate service decisions, at scale. AI-generated resolution intelligence delivers accurate predictions in seconds by learning from service data – structured and unstructured–along with input from top experts. Neuron7 helps service leaders improve metrics like call deflection, first call resolution, first time fix, call handle time, and service margins while capturing expert knowledge, making information easier to find, and improving CSAT.


Contact: Neuron7
Name: Liz Wakefield
Phone: 415-533-1927

First published on Thu, Mar 9, 2023

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