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NeoCurrency Taps Gift Card Agency Vet Eric Thiegs To Accelerate Growth And Innovation

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NeoCurrency, a US-based provider of digital rewards, incentives, and gift cards to companies around the world, has recently hired Eric Thiegs to become their Head of Strategy and Growth. Thiegs, a 25-year veteran of the industry, was most recently the Senior VP of Strategic Partnerships at TOTUS Gift Card Management. Thiegs will be tasked with enhancing NeoCurrency’s go-to-market strategy and continuing to build out its blue-chip customer base. Thiegs brings a wealth of knowledge in incentives, payments, rewards and gift cards, as well as experience and insights into a broad spectrum of verticals including market research, employee recognition, sales incentives, promotions, and loyalty.

Over the course of his career, Thiegs has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the industry, having brought to market one of the first B2B gift card APIs while at National Gift Card (NGC). He also helped develop the Gift Card Maturity Model for TOTUS, which was the first holistic approach allowing brands to build a frictionless gift card ecosystem across multiple partners, phases, and elements. Thiegs has been a featured speaker and presenter at industry events, webinars, roundtables, and conferences for NRF, Loyalty360, IMA, IGCC, RGCA, and GCVA, to name a few.

Thiegs has a unique background in incentives and payments. He held the position of Head of Partnerships for Flexa, a fraud-proof payments network that processes digital currency transactions at a merchant’s native point-of-sale system. He was also Chief Revenue Officer for NGC for nearly eight years and helped grow the business by 420% to $1B in annual B2B gift card sales and fulfillment.

“Once buyers and clients experience the NeoCurrency platform, they’ll understand why I became a brand ambassador,” Thiegs said. “I’m excited to showcase the world-class gift card API, reporting and ordering dashboard. The platform is built on an intuitive user experience offering gift cards, rewards, and payments. Plus, I’ll be joining a team that puts innovation at the forefront of its company culture.”

Added Geoff Miller, CEO and co-founder of NeoCurrency, “We’ve built one of the largest reward catalogs in the world with over 1,800 brands in 85 countries and 40 currencies, all supported by a single global API. With Eric on board, there’s no telling where his talent and enthusiasm can take us. I’m excited. The whole team is.”

About NeoCurrency

NeoCurrency is an independent, US-based provider that sources and supplies digital rewards, incentives, and payments to clients around the world for promotions & loyalty programs, employee recognition, market research, and sales incentives. NeoCurrency offers a unique catalog featuring top brands and cash-like options in 40 different currencies across 85 countries. For more information, visit


Geoff Miller
Chief Executive Officer

First published on Tue, Sep 5, 2023

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