TechDogs-"Neo7Bioscience Takes The Lead In Collaboration With Serokell And Knowledge Graph Developer Elsevier To Revolutionize Molecular Research And Peptide Engineering For Precision And Personalized Medicine"


Neo7Bioscience Takes The Lead In Collaboration With Serokell And Knowledge Graph Developer Elsevier To Revolutionize Molecular Research And Peptide Engineering For Precision And Personalized Medicine

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TYLER, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Neo7Bioscience, at the forefront of molecular research, assumes a pivotal role in a transformative collaboration with Serokell, a leading AI development company, and Elsevier, the developer of the knowledge graph and a leading provider of scientific knowledge. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize bioinformatics, molecular target analysis, and peptide engineering, focusing on advancing precision and personalized medicine.

Neo7Bioscience, leveraging its profound expertise in molecular analytics and peptide engineering, spearheads the path for revolutionary breakthroughs in personalized therapeutics. Serokell, recognized for its excellence in crafting customized high-performance solutions, complements Neo7Bioscience's vision by enhancing the computational aspects of the research.

"We are thrilled to lead this collaboration with Serokell and Elsevier,” said John A. Catanzaro, CEO at Neo7Bioscience. "By combining our deep knowledge of molecular analytics and peptide engineering with cutting-edge software development, we aim to reshape the landscape of precision and personalized medicine for the benefit of patients globally."

Serokell's precision data solutions align seamlessly with Neo7Bioscience's mission, bolstering molecular research efficiency. Ivan Smetannikov, Serokell's Head of Data Science and ML, and Alexey Khachiyants, Data Scientist and ML engineer, emphasize the transformative influence of integrating data architecture expertise into advancing precision and personalized medicine.

Elsevier, the developer of the knowledge graph, is a key partner in this endeavor, integrating the combined efforts of Neo7Bioscience and Serokell into its knowledge graph bioinformatics platform. This collaboration creates a holistic data analysis and interpretation approach, as emphasized by Anton Yuryev, Consulting Director of Bioinformatics and Data Science at Elsevier.

Neo7Bioscience, Serokell, and Elsevier are poised to revolutionize the molecular research and peptide engineering landscape, ushering in more efficient and tailored solutions for precision and personalized medicine.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Neo7Bioscience Media Contact: Lissa Amaya
Phone: 858-349-8151

Serokell Media Contact: Dmitrii Susloparov
Phone: +372-699-1531

Elsevier Media Contact: Terri Mueller
Phone: +44 7467 440386

First published on Mon, Apr 15, 2024

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