TechDogs-"National Geographic Unveils Cover For Brands Annual Pictures Of The Year Retrospective Selected From More Than 2.1 Million Images Shot In The Field Over The Last Year"

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National Geographic Unveils Cover For Brands Annual Pictures Of The Year Retrospective Selected From More Than 2.1 Million Images Shot In The Field Over The Last Year

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Previews ‘Best of the World’ Travel Recommendations, Launching in Early 2024 and Reimagined in Scope and Direction

Content Promises Wonder and Inspiration Through Incredible Photographs and a Special Curation of Travel Recommendations Across Categories

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At National Geographic’s content showcase at Hall des Lumières, Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief Nathan Lump previewed plans around two of the brand’s most iconic franchises, “Pictures of the Year” and “Best of the World,” and unveiled the cover of its December issue of the magazine focused on its annual photo retrospective. The cover, featuring a stunning image by contributing photographer Kiliii Yuyan of a highly venomous 4-inch long Sea Krait, was shot by Yuyan while on assignment to cover marine stewardship in Palau.

The iconic leader in visual storytelling announced its fourth installment of “Pictures of the Year,” an annual retrospective showcasing the top images captured by National Geographic’s award-winning photographers on assignment and around the world over the past 12 months. The editorial team under the leadership of Lump made the selections for this year’s issue from more than 2.1 million images shot on assignment for National Geographic over the past year. This year’s feature includes stunning photographs that unearth remarkable, rarely seen moments and inspire an emotional response by the reader while also sparking curiosity and enlightenment. The annual edition of “Pictures of the Year” will be featured in the December issue of the magazine and online in mid-November.

“Pictures of the Year” will also include a series of tips published online from top National Geographic photographers to help audiences take better pictures. Those tips will be featured across its vast network of social media, which reaches a combined audience of over three quarters of a billion followers.

National Geographic is also reimagining its annual “Best of the World” travel franchise with an early 2024 launch. This year, in close consultation with National Geographic’s team of travel experts from across the globe and international editors, “Best of the World 2024” expands in both scope and content, and will feature a list of must-see experiences, including a complete and authoritative suite of must-do, must-stay and must-consume travel recommendations, including hotels, restaurants, travel essentials such as apparel, equipment and more.

While “Best of the World,” which will feature several core lists, has typically published in the fall to offer tips for the year ahead, the 2024 experience will instead inspire fans with recommendations to dream about and plan for their upcoming 2024 vacations. “Best of the World” will launch online early next year and will be a feature in the March 2024 issue of National Geographic.

“This year we’ve reinvented two of our most beloved franchises to better inform and entertain our audiences across our digital, social and print platforms,” said Lump. “Whether you’re seeing things in a new light through the lens of our talented photographers or using the timely recommendations of our travel experts to design your next great adventure, we want this relevant and inspiring content to help you forge a deeper connection to the wonder of our world.”

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Anna Kukelhaus
Director, Communications - National Geographic

First published on Thu, Oct 19, 2023

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