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Nadilytics Accelerates Snowflake Value Optimization

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NAPERVILLE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kloudgen Inc. is pleased to announce our new Health Check service in partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to complement our existing Nadilytics SaaS built on top of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

"It is critical to assess the business value of your investment in Snowflake and identify potential improvements of your usage and operation of Snowflake," says Yash Gupta, CEO of Kloudgen Inc.

"Kloudgen Inc. built the first solution that enables you to conduct periodic business and technical health checks of your Snowflake account and unlock additional business values and technical improvement opportunities," says Slim Baltagi, CTO of Kloudgen Inc.

"The Health Check service by Kloudgen builds on and complements Snowflake features of cost governance, performance optimization, and security management. It is well-aligned with our recommendation to our partners to conduct Health Checks and Optimization as part of our customer's journey with Snowflake," says Katie Ecklund, Senior Director of Partner Sales - America, at Snowflake.

Nadilytics offers Snowflake value optimization to customers through assets management, usage & cost efficiency, performance maximization, security improvements, cross-functionality collaboration, and many actionable insights. Our customers recognize the following benefits of using Nadilytics.

  • Actionable insights to help drive the most value out of Snowflake through alerts, reports, diagnoses, forecasts, schedules, scenarios, taskbooks, stories, and dashboards.
  • The easy-to-use and turnkey solution can save you time, energy, and money vs. building, deploying, updating, and managing an in-house solution.
  • Self-paying service leverages savings from recommendations on under-utilized virtual warehouses, optimal setup, configurations, etc.
  • The reduction in overspending helps you refocus on additional use cases and key digital transformation priorities.
  • Help with budget planning based on usage and growth.
  • Correct Snowflake implementation the first time and shortened time-to-value.
  • Risks due to technical environment change, complexity increase, and team change, are all well-managed.
  • Help with everyday Snowflake tasks in an effective way.
  • Cross-functional collaboration enables faster delivery throughout the Snowflake project lifecycle.

“Like other Snowflake customers, we have similar needs of getting the most out of Snowflake while operating our innovative solution that helps businesses uplift their Gross Margin by applying strategic portfolio management rules and practices. We did not find a related product or service, and are glad to have chosen Nadilytics to focus on developing our core product and platform rather than building an in-house solution for value optimization," says Ajay Garg, CEO of Margin Expansion Solutions, LLC, a Charlotte, NC based company.

Our new health check service for Snowflake can accelerate the value optimization of your Snowflake investment with:

  • Unlocking business values and technical improvement opportunities
  • Assessments & transparency of current business value from your Snowflake investment and the health of your Snowflake implementation and deployment
  • Your Snowflake ROI growth and extension
  • Prevention of some disorders related to your usage and operation of Snowflake
  • Proactivity through identifying and addressing issues proactively
  • Recommendations of best practices, configurations, and how to best leverage Snowflake's newer features
  • Savings of money by reducing unnecessary spending, valuable time & resources compared to doing manual health checks
  • Continuous learning through all potential improvements uncovered by the health checks and related remedies

Our new service offering is now available through as part of our SaaS subscriptions and to any other Snowflake customers as a stand-alone service.

About Kloudgen

Kloudgen is a U.S. company offering cloud products and services in data management & analytics. We are world experts in Snowflake Data Cloud. We combined our experience in cloud technologies with expertise in data management & analytics by acquiring LoganBritton, a leader with over 25 years of successfully delivering data warehouses and data lake projects to over 250 clients across the U.S. and Canada. The executive team at Kloudgen has over 100+ years of combined experience in helping clients build their data and analytics solutions. We derive our intellectual capital from our employees’ expertise, unique services, and accelerated and cost-effective delivery processes. The success of our clients’ projects is our business!


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First published on Wed, Jun 15, 2022

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