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Mujin Unveils Innovations For Inbound And Outbound Automation At MODEX

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In booth B6023, company to showcase multiple robotics solutions, including TruckBot, working together to create next-gen automation for warehouse workflows

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ACRs--Mujin, a leader in robotics and automation technology, will showcase its unique robotic solutions for streamlining case flows for warehouses at MODEX 2024 next week. The live demonstrations in booth B6023 include Mujin’s popular truck/container unloader TruckBot, which will feed into two robotic palletizing cells that sort and palletize the inbound freight. Mujin will also demonstrate its award-winning mixed-case depalletizing solution for any warehouse receiving mixed pallets and unveil a new order fulfillment solution, Robotic Case Picking, that marks a significant leap forward in logistics efficiency for forward fulfillment.

“We’re here to show the big impact the latest innovations in robotics can have on warehouse operations,” said Josh Cloer, director of sales, Mujin. “Historically in warehouses, deploying robot systems has often been an afterthought to solve a specific manual challenge, which means they often get shoehorned into specific tasks with workflows and constraints originally designed for humans. By taking a new approach that includes robotics from initial concepting, robots, autonomous vehicles, and other material handling automation can now work in concert to further drive overall performance, savings and reduction in ergonomic challenges.”

Outbound Logistics Automation: Advancements in Order Fulfillment

The new Robotic Case Picking solution tackles the case pick workflow within the order fulfillment process, which is typically a highly manual task and has been difficult to automate fully. Mujin is deploying a goods-to-robot system comprised of mixed-case palletizing robots working in concert with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to pick directly from inventory pallets and build order pallets ready for outbound delivery. Planning and orchestration of the overall objectives and individual system tasks are completely managed by MujinController, which communicates to any warehouse management system (WMS) for information and updates concerning order and inventory management. The Robotic Case Picking system brings flexible automation to warehouses looking to fulfill more orders without the back-breaking workload of traditional case picking, additionally shortening delivery windows while reducing picking errors and ergonomic issues for their workforce.

Inbound Logistics Automation: Enhanced Truck Unloading, Palletizing, and Depalletizing Solutions

The latest advancement to the pioneering container/truck unloading system, TruckBot, introduces the capability to handle larger and heavier boxes and increased performance with its advanced multi-picking capabilities. TruckBot significantly reduces manual labor, improves safety and accelerates warehouse operations, exemplifying Mujin's commitment to driving innovation in logistics. Complementing TruckBot, Mujin's robotic palletizing solutions are engineered for superior efficiency in sorting, stacking and organizing goods for storage or further processing.

Mujin’s mixed-SKU depalletizing solutions are an ideal fit for operations receiving mixed-loads on pallets. Utilizing advanced 3D vision and real-time motion planning, the system is uniquely capable of managing a wide variety of pallet loads with zero prior inputs. On display at MODEX is a multi-channel gripper solution that allows for opportunistic multi-picking to further boost receiving throughput. Real-time decision-making allows the system to tackle challenging scenarios that use data inputs from vacuum and force-torque sensors to re-attempt picks without damaging product. These solutions embody Mujin's comprehensive approach to automating receiving operations, ensuring seamless and efficient handling of inbound goods.

"At MODEX, we're merging a wide array of robotics technologies into a single, cohesive automation system,” said Ross Diankov, CEO, Mujin, “Central to this achievement is the MujinController platform, which contains an extensive assortment of tools and technologies. This integration makes tackling complex challenges not just possible but ridiculously easy. Our showcase of diverse robotic systems and components, all interconnected and operating in unison, stands as a powerful testament to the effectiveness and transformative potential of this technology."

Experience Mujin’s Cutting-Edge Automation at MODEX 2024

Mujin's exhibit at MODEX will feature a comprehensive array of automation technologies aimed at addressing the challenges faced by today's logistics industry. From enhancing inventory management to reducing operational costs, Mujin's intelligent automation solutions are paving the way towards a more efficient, safe, and sustainable supply chain future.

Attendees can see Mujin’s groundbreaking capabilities live at MODEX 2024, booth B6023 and learn how these technologies can transform logistics operations, from enhanced inbound processing to sophisticated outbound fulfillment

About Mujin

Mujin, a robotics technology company, develops “machine intelligent” robot controllers that are designed as a common platform for industrial and collaborative robots specializing in logistics and other pick-and-place applications. Launched in Tokyo in 2011 with offices in China and in the U.S., Mujin works with many of the world’s largest companies to make material handling applications easier to deploy, more accurate and less costly. The company’s flagship product, the MujinController, uses machine intelligence technology to give robotic systems real-time decision-making ability that enables truly autonomous, reliable, and production-capable robot applications.

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First published on Mon, Mar 11, 2024

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