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Mujin Debuts New User Interface At Automate To Simplify Robotic Palletizing

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Utilizing MujinPack, users can auto-generate pallet patterns within a SKU-based library, which supports editing, maintaining, and exporting for multi-site management of palletizers

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Automate2024--Robot technology company Mujin invites industry professionals attending Automate 2024 this week to explore the simplified future of robotic automation featured in its booth (#4636). Mujin will feature its innovative vision for robotics and latest enhancements to the MujinController, which utilizes machine intelligence to give robotic systems real-time decision-making ability that enables truly autonomous, reliable, and production-capable robot applications. Additionally, Mujin executives will share their expert insights on simplifying robotics with no-code programming and what’s next in automation for logistics and warehousing, providing a comprehensive view of the evolving landscape of robotic automation.

Visitors can schedule personal demonstrations of the newly launched palletizing user interface, as well as Mujin’s cutting-edge bin picking user interface. Also at Automate, in the Mujin Experience Center, users and integrators can build their own bin picking systems in a simulated environment to learn how simple it can be to deploy complex picking tasks.

“With the MujinController platform, integrators can build complex robotics solutions that solve real-world challenges for warehouses and manufacturing facilities more efficiently, effectively, and with shorter project timelines,” said Josh Cloer, director of sales, Mujin “Auto-generating pallet patterns and keeping a library of SKUs across multiple productions sites, is a game changer for end users managing multiple systems across various locations. End-of-line palletizing is one of the fastest growing markets within manufacturing, and this new user interface offers a new way to more efficiently build and manage your palletizing cells.”

In a conference session on Tuesday (11:15 a.m., room S403a), “Simplifying Robotics: True No-Code Programming,” Cloer will demonstrate how Mujin addresses the challenges of traditional robot teaching and off-line programming with model-based, no-code programming. Cloer’s presentation explores how Mujin’s innovative approach empowers users to unlock the full potential of automation without the need for complex coding skills.

Attendees will discover user-friendly interfaces and intuitive tools that enable them to design, customize and deploy robotic automation solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Through real-world case studies and live demonstrations, Cloer will showcase the tangible benefits of no-code programming, including increased productivity, reduced downtime, and enhanced adaptability to changing production demands.

Ross Diankov, CEO and co-founder of Mujin Corp., will participate in a panel on “Logistics & Warehousing: What’s Next for the Industry & Automation” in the Automate Show Theater (Booth 3641) on Wednesday (2:30 p.m.). This discussion with other industry leaders such as James Cooper (FANUC America Corporation), Joel Stenson (UPS) and Mathew Wicks (Zebra Technologies) will focus on innovations in logistics and warehousing, exploring how automation is transforming supply chains to be more efficient, resilient, and responsive to global market demands.

Join Mujin at Booth #4636

Experience Mujin's pioneering robotics technology firsthand and gain valuable insights into the future of automation. For those eager to explore the MujinController platform and preview the user interface, attendees can schedule a personal demonstration here to find out how to unlock the potential of streamlined robotics solutions.

About Mujin

Mujin, a robotics technology company, develops “machine intelligent” robot controllers that are designed as a common platform for industrial and collaborative robots specializing in logistics and other pick-and-place applications. Launched in Tokyo in 2011 with offices in China and in the U.S., Mujin works with many of the world’s largest companies to make material handling applications easier to deploy, more accurate and less costly. The company’s flagship product, the MujinController, uses machine intelligence technology to give robotic systems real-time decision-making ability that enables truly autonomous, reliable, and production-capable robot applications.

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First published on Mon, May 6, 2024

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