TechDogs-"Metallicus Partners With To Strengthen Customer Experience In Digital Payments"


Metallicus Partners With To Strengthen Customer Experience In Digital Payments

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Collaboration Between The Companies Expected To Enhance User Access To Blockchain Ecosystems

TechDogs-"Metallicus Partners With To Strengthen Customer Experience In Digital Payments"
SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Metallicus, a leader in digital asset and blockchain technologies, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with, a trusted global payments solution partner for world-leading financial services and consumer brands. This partnership allows consumers in the EU and US to purchase USDC stablecoins through any debit or credit card to successfully onramp funds into their respective accounts via the Metal Pay application. This illustrates Metallicus’ intention to further democratize the usage of cryptocurrencies on a global scale while ensuring regulatory compliance.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with to take Metal Pay to the next level,” said Karen McHenry, Vice President of Product at Metallicus. “As a company that cares deeply about creating a compliant system where cryptocurrencies are easy to use, fundamentally secure, and easily accessible, we are proud to be working with to provide simpler access for our customers. We look forward to expanding the digital economy together in the years to come.”

With an integrated product, Metallicus and users are able to save up to four separate cards within the platform to top up their wallet or even make recurring purchases to build their portfolio via credit or debit transactions. Moreover, this partnership allows customers to access funds quickly and securely by ensuring that these transactions follow 3D secure protocols.

“ is looking forward to coordinating its efforts with Metallicus as we work towards our goal of allowing payments to move seamlessly on a global scale,” said Mark Fernandes, Head, Crypto Product. “By supporting Metal Pay with our crypto solutions, we are excited to help Metallicus create a new on-ramp for prospective customers to transact easily and securely.”

Metallicus’ partnership with showcases the company’s latest momentum as it seeks to broaden digital payment access to consumers while simultaneously embracing regulatory compliance. The company recently unveiled its Metal Pay API solution, which enables any financial services or consumer-facing business to tap into the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and offer digital asset trading to their customers hassle free.

Additionally, Metallicus announced the formation of an advisory board in August, comprised of former senior officials from the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and executives with experience in regulatory compliance and internal audit at major financial institutions.

About Metallicus

Founded in 2016 in San Francisco, Metallicus believes that strong regulation, security, identity, and a simple customer experience are essential for integrating and scaling uses of digital assets and cryptocurrencies into financial services and economic activities. Metallicus builds compliant and secure technologies where banking, payroll and other financial and economic activities meld seamlessly with the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DeFi and Web3. The company's flagship products include the mobile apps Metal Pay and WebAuth as well as the Proton Blockchain, the only blockchain with Verified Decentralized Identity. Learn more at

About is a global payments solution provider that helps businesses, and their communities thrive in the digital economy. Purpose-built with performance, scalability and speed in mind, our modular payments platform is ideal for enterprise businesses looking to seamlessly integrate better payment solutions. With a global team spread across 19 offices worldwide, we offer innovative solutions that flex to your needs, valuable insights that help you get smart about your payments’ performance, and expertise you can count on as you navigate the complexities of an ever-shifting world. Find out more at


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First published on Fri, Dec 16, 2022

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