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MDClone Wins Second Consecutive Best Healthcare Big Data Platform Award in Annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program

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Annual Awards Program Recognizes Outstanding Health & Medical Technology Products and Companies

BE’ER SHEVA, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MDClone, a leading data analytics and synthetic data company, today announced that for the second year in a row, the MDClone ADAMS Platform has been recognized as the “Best Healthcare Big Data Platform” in the annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global health and medical technology market.

At the core of the MDClone ADAMS Platform is a healthcare-oriented data lake and discovery tool, which, together with MDClone’s Synthetic Data Engine, creates a unique and powerful solution for democratizing data across any healthcare organization.

The MDClone ADAMS big data platform enables streamlined organization, access, and action of data from any patient-oriented source — structured or unstructured — including natural language processing (NLP) data points from clinical, claims, genomics, social events, and more. Because ADAMS allows for the ingestion of continuous data feeds of information, continuous feeds of information, any new data source can be added to create new events, layer additional information, and revise hypotheses, all without SQL programming skills which are typically required when using other data analytics platforms.

“It’s an honor to win the ‘Best Healthcare Big Data Platform’ award from MedTech Breakthrough for the second year in a row. We’re proud to say that the MDClone ADAMS Platform is the leading solution enabling a dynamic, fluid, and continuous process for robust data exploration, insight generation, and action within a health system,” said Ziv Ofek, Co-founder and CEO of MDClone.

The mission of the MedTech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work, and success in a range of health and medical technology categories, including Telehealth, Clinical Administration, Patient Engagement, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Virtual Care, Medical Devices, Medical Data, and many more. This year’s program attracted more than 3,900 nominations from more than 15 different countries throughout the world.

“Healthcare data within an organization increases exponentially every day. Siloed systems and teams, slow processes, IRB approvals, regulations and policies, long timelines, and lack of support have built an over-mediated and antiquated data analysis and extraction process that is overdue for a modern healthcare approach. Additionally, most of that data is not available or easily accessible for the end user,” said James Johnson, Managing Director, MedTech Breakthrough. “The MDClone ADAMS Platform provides a solution to this challenge by opening up access to the data needed, quickly and efficiently with a self-service model. Congratulations, for the second straight year, on being our pick for ‘Best Healthcare Big Data Platform.’”

The MDClone ADAMS Platform’s unique ability to convert datasets and cohorts of interest into synthetic files that are statistically comparable to the original data but composed entirely of artificial patients aids in broader secure access and opens the doors to third-party access.

Additionally, the real-time identification and extraction of information about a specific population of interest allows users such as hospitals and healthcare systems to overcome common healthcare barriers that slow clinical data projects’ progress. This solution has been shown to reduce hospitalizations and prevent unnecessary morbidity and mortality in some use cases.

Having implemented its platform across the entire Israeli market, including major hospitals and HMOs, MDClone has expanded across the U.S. and Canada.

About MDClone

MDClone offers an innovative, self-service data analytics environment, powering exploration, discovery, and collaboration throughout healthcare ecosystems both cross-institutionally and globally. The powerful underlying infrastructure of the MDClone ADAMS Platform allows users to overcome common barriers in healthcare to organize, access, and protect the privacy of patient data while accelerating research, improving operations and quality, and driving innovation to deliver better patient outcomes. Founded in Israel in 2016, MDClone serves major health systems, payers, and life science customers in the United States, Canada, and Israel. For more information, visit

About MedTech Breakthrough

Part of Tech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for global technology innovation and leadership, the MedTech Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring excellence in medical and health related technology companies, products, services and people. The MedTech Breakthrough Awards provide a platform for public recognition around the achievements of breakthrough health and medical companies and products in categories that include Patient Engagement, mHealth, Health & Fitness, Clinical Administration, Healthcare IoT, Medical Data, Healthcare Cybersecurity and more. For more information visit


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First published on Thu, May 5, 2022

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