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MatSing Lens Antennas Deployed In Extenets Network At Gainbridge Fieldhouse Ahead Of 2024 NBA All-Star Game

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Full bowl 5G connectivity enabled for Indiana Pacers fans and event goers

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MatSing, the pioneer and innovator of high-capacity lens antenna technology, today announced a new deployment at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, home of the Indiana Pacers. The 18,000-capacity arena, which hosts several events throughout the year including NBA, WNBA games and music performances, is also hosting the 2024 NBA All-Star game.

With the exponentially increasing demand for connectivity, Extenet sought to modernize their mobile infrastructure at the venue with the primary goal of enhancing network performance especially during peak capacity. By adding MatSing lens antennas, Extenet can now effectively deliver multi-carrier and multiband 5G coverage and capacity throughout the entire bowl, including the seating areas and courtside.

“We are pleased to share that we have all the Big 3 wireless carriers on our neutral-host network at Gainbridge Fieldhouse,” said Mike Alt, SVP of Customer Solutions at Extenet. “MatSing’s multibeam lens antennas provide high capacity connectivity, making them the obvious choice for us after successful deployments in other venues. We have enabled multiple sectors, including C-Band, ensuring a seamless multi-band network for the carriers. As we prepare the network for the upcoming NBA All-Star Game, our partnership with MatSing ensures a scalable and future-proof antenna solution. This underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge wireless solutions that enhance the fan experience.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Extenet to enhance network capacity and deliver an exceptional connected experience at Gainbridge Fieldhouse,” added Bo Larsson, MatSing’s CEO. “Through the NBA season, and in special events like the All-Star Game, it’s critical that everyone remains connected at all times, upload content to their social media accounts, check stats and scores online, and have access to public safety and first responders when needed. Our innovative lens antennas have been the technology of choice for Extenet in several venues ranging from 17,000 seating capacity to over 80,000. The common requirement across all venues has been the need for capacity and scalability with minimal antenna locations, which we are able to deliver in an effective manner.”

As the upcoming NBA All-Star Game and Indiana Pacers games bring in thousands of viewers and patrons, Gainbridge Fieldhouse is prepared to provide an unparalleled, multi-carrier mobile connection to fans cheering on their favorite teams and performers.

About MatSing

Founded in 2005, MatSing has developed and patented new meta-materials to create the world’s first lightweight and multibeam Lens Antennas. This new approach for high-performance, high-capacity antenna design is more efficient and offers key advantages over traditional antennas, the ability to provide broadband coverage, emit and maintain multiple beams, and to do so cleanly with minimal RF interference. Nationwide coverage isn’t the only critical challenge facing telecoms companies, and MatSing’s Lens antenna solution is ideal to meet the capacity demands at outdoor events, stadiums and macro uses in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Each antenna can provide multiple independent sectors, up to 48, providing the highest capacity across multiple bands with the fewest antennas possible. MatSing lens technology is the perfect fit for 4G LTE and 5G mobile broadband coverage, and it is the most cost-effective network densification tool in the industry.

To learn more about MatSing RF lens antennas, please visit us at MatSing – RF Lens Technologies or send an email to our expert staff at


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(408) 515-1475

First published on Fri, Feb 16, 2024

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