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Major Broadcasters Launch NEXTGEN TV on Four Local Television Stations in San Antonio

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KABB, WOAI-TV, KMYS and KCWX Begin Broadcasting with New Technology

SAN ANTONIO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Four television stations serving the San Antonio market yesterday began broadcasting with NEXTGEN TV, a revolutionary new digital broadcast technology. Yesterday’s launch includes KABB (FOX), WOAI-TV (NBC), KMYS (DABL) and KCWX (MyNet).

Based on the same fundamental technology as the Internet and digital apps, NEXTGEN TV can support a wide range of features that are currently in development. In addition to providing a new, improved way for broadcasters to reach viewers with advanced emergency alerts, NEXTGEN TV features stunning video with brilliant color, sharper images and deeper contrast to create a more life-like experience.

NEXTGEN TV adds a new dimension to TV viewing, with vibrant video and new Voice+ dialogue enhancement that brings voices to the foreground. Movie theater-quality sound lets viewers hear every voice clearly and keeps volume consistent across channels. NEXTGEN TV also can be enhanced with Internet content to enable viewers to get the most out of live sports, live news, and live events in real-time, without looking away from TV screens.

Powered by ATSC 3.0, NEXTGEN TV is the most significant broadcast technology upgrade to date. Features available on NEXTGEN TV will vary by device and station as broadcasters roll out service across the country. Shoppers should look for the NEXTGEN TV logo to be sure a TV or device is compatible with ATSC 3.0 signals.

Yesterday’s launch in San Antonio follows a decade of development and months of planning and preparation by the local stations. KMYS, which is owned by Deerfield Media, has converted to ATSC 3.0 transmissions. KMYS will broadcast its own programming, as well as the programming of the other participating stations, in NEXTGEN TV format. All programming of all participating stations will continue to be available in the existing DTV format, which can be received on all modern television sets. BitPath, which is developing new data broadcasting services, led the planning process and coordinated efforts across the four television stations.

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From Seattle, Washington, to Washington, D.C., and from the Great Lakes to the Lone Star State, NEXTGEN TV service is already on the air in more than 45 cities across the country. San Antonio viewers can learn more about NEXTGEN TV by visiting, which offers a guide listing cities currently carrying the service, as well as links to available NEXTGEN TV set models.

Antenna viewers without NEXTGEN TV sets can simply rescan their TV sets to ensure uninterrupted service. Rescan instructions are available at Cable and satellite subscribers do not need to take any action.

About KABB and WOAI-TV – Sinclair

KABB and WOAI-TV are leading stations in the San Antonio television market. The stations are owned and operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBGI), a diversified media company and a leading provider of local sports and news. KABB is affiliated with the FOX television network and WOAI-TV is affiliated with NBC. Sinclair owns and/or operates 21 regional sports network brands; owns, operates and/or provides services to 185 television stations in 86 markets; owns multiple national networks including Tennis Channel and Stadium; and has TV stations affiliated with all the major broadcast networks. Sinclair’s content is delivered via multiple platforms, including over-the-air, multi-channel video program distributors, and digital and streaming platforms NewsOn and STIRR. For more information, please visit, and

About KMYS - Deerfield

Deerfield Media (San Antonio), Inc. is proud the serve as the ATSC 3.0 host for the San Antonio television market, where KMYS is the exclusive affiliate of the DABL network. Deerfield Media (San Antonio), Inc. is a member of the Deerfield Media affiliated group of companies, which comprise 10 television station serving mid-size television markets within the United States. In addition, Deerfield Media (Mountain Resort), Inc. is a leading video production house serving clients throughout the intermountain west region and is engaged in action-sport video production and syndication.

About KCWX - Corridor

KCWX, the MyNet affiliate for San Antonio, Texas is owned and operated by Corridor Television, LLP. KCWX is excited to be working with Sinclair, Deerfield and BitPath to bring NextGen TV, the new digital broadcast technology, to the San Antonio market.

About BitPath

BitPath is building the nation's first dedicated broadcast data network to provide innovative new services like BitPoint™ and NavPath™ at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Based in Arlington, Virginia, the BitPath network will launch this year covering dozens of cities. For more information, visit


Media Contacts:

KABB and WOAI-TV; Sinclair – Michael Padovano

KMYS; Deerfield – Danielle Turner

KCWX - Corridor – Zahia Tawil

BitPath – John Hane

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First published on Fri, Jun 17, 2022

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