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Major Automakers And Device Makers Meet To Advance The CCC Digital Key In China

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The PlugFest, hosted by Shenzhen Snowball Technology Co., Ltd., gathered CCC members such as Apple, BMW, BYD, Huf, Hyundai, NIO, Oppo, Samsung, Valeo, vivo and Xiaomi to continue testing CCC Digital Key as the universal interoperable standard.

BEAVERTON, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC) announced today that PlugFest #5, hosted by Shenzhen Snowball Technology, focused on Near-field Communications (NFC) testing and brought together automakers and device makers to help advance CCC Digital Key® in delivering a secure, effortless, and universal standard for vehicle access. The PlugFest event took place August 21-25 in Shanghai, China, and was another critical step towards advancing the universal CCC Digital Key certification.

Major vehicle OEM members and global device providers, including Apple, BMW, BYD, Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst Co., Hyundai, NIO Co., Oppo, Samsung, Valeo, vivo, and Xiaomi, participated in testing their CCC Digital Key implementations. Testing is a crucial step in launching the CCC Digital Key certification that will bring forth a true global standard for the market, increase interoperability, reduce market fragmentation, and provide the best user experience.

“Collaboration across all major global markets is vital to a universal digital standard, like the CCC Digital Key,” said Alysia Johnson, president of the Car Connectivity Consortium. “About 25% of the over 200 CCC member companies are located in China, and we are excited to be able to expand our support globally. The overwhelming participation in our first PlugFest in China shows that vehicle and device OEMs are prepared to implement CCC Digital Key.”

The CCC End-to-End PlugFest allows attendees to test their CCC Digital Key implementations against other member companies’ implementations to help improve the implementations as well as specifications, test suites, and tools to ensure the superior interoperability of this technology throughout the larger consumer market.

In addition to the widespread collaboration at PlugFest, the CCC also met with several OEMs and members in China to foster networking. The CCC also hosted an open house and reception, sponsored by Shanghai InGeek Cyber Security Co., Ltd, where members BMW, BYD and Hyundai provided demos. Participation from vehicle OEMs and global device providers speaks to the long-term value and unique opportunity the market has to increase interoperability, reduce market fragmentation, and provide a seamless user experience through a universal standard.

“As the market for China continues to grow and impact the larger automotive and in-vehicle connectivity solutions, we’re excited to see the focused attention from the CCC to ensure we’re including every resource to create a universal, secure, and interoperable digital key solution,” said Michael Zhao, Vice President of Shenzhen Snowball Technology. “Widespread adoption will depend on cross-industry collaboration to share critical learnings and insights to advance the CCC Digital Key further.”

To learn more about the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), please visit our website.

About the Car Connectivity Consortium:

The Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC) is a cross-industry organization advancing technologies for smartphone-to-car connectivity solutions. The CCC represents a large portion of the global automotive and smartphone industries with more than 200 member companies. The CCC member companies include smartphone and vehicle manufacturers, automotive tier-1 suppliers, silicon/chip vendors, security product suppliers, and more. Its Board of Directors includes individuals from charter member companies Apple, BMW, DENSO, Ford, General Motors, Google, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, NXP, Panasonic, Samsung, Thales, Volkswagen, and Xiaomi. For more information, visit


Danielle Scotto
INK Communications for CCC

First published on Mon, Aug 28, 2023

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