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Mainstream Technologies Awarded Elite Arizona Risk And Authorization Management Program Certification

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mainstream Technologies, an Arkansas-based technology services company offering custom software development, announced that it has received the prestigious Arizona Risk and Authorization Management Program (AZRAMP) authorization. The authorization places Mainstream Technologies in an exclusive group alongside major technology companies successfully vetted by the Arizona Department of Homeland Security for security and data protection. This authorization permits Mainstream Technologies to provide data hosting to Arizona governmental agencies and offer enhanced and streamlined integration alongside its custom software development services.

“This authorization demonstrates an exceptional level of maturity unique among select custom software developers,” JD Robinson, Mainstream Technologies' Director of Strategy and Consulting said. “It also reflects our larger, company-wide commitment to excellence and our steadfast dedication to delivering consistent superior levels of integrated service.”

The Arizona Risk and Authorization Management Program only awards authorization to select companies demonstrating superior security standards for data hosting and software development. The program grants the authorization following a rigorous assessment developed to evaluate and recognize a company for outstanding standards, policies, and procedures to meet the state’s highest security and data protection levels. Mainstream joins prominent companies such as Accenture, VMware, Citrix and Google to receive this accreditation

To be recognized with this distinction, Mainstream Technologies demonstrated compliance with more than 170 requirements, which included subset categories such as system and communications protection, risk assessment, audit and accountability, access control, system information integrity, program management, and more. This framework demonstrates Mainstream’s ability to protect data from threats and risks such as outside attacks, natural disasters, and structural failures.

Mainstream Technologies is currently providing the Arizona Department of Education with new, custom software for its teacher licensure and operations requirements, scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024.

“From day one, Mainstream Technologies has consistently showcased an exceptional level of expertise and a commitment to delivering top-notch work for the state of Arizona,” Elizabeth Neeley, Arizona Department of Education Chief Information Officer said. “This authorization serves as an additional testament to affirm Mainstream’s reputation as a trusted company. We are thankful and look forward to continuing to work with their team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals in Arizona.”

Mainstream Technologies' extensive expertise in providing complex, high-profile, and successful custom software solutions includes projects for other state agencies across the United States such as the Arkansas Department of Education and the South Carolina Department of Education. The company is a leading provider of technology solutions in the mid-South. In addition to custom software development, Mainstream Technologies serves businesses and government agencies with services ranging from managed technology to hosting and cyber security.


Since 1996, Mainstream Technologies has evolved into one of the most established technology services companies in the Mid-South, serving clients from its Arkansas locations, including headquarters in Little Rock, a second operations facility in Conway, and a sales office in Bentonville. Their staff of information technology professionals serves business and government customers nationwide with Managed Technology Services, Custom Software Development Services, Cyber Security Services, and Hosting. To learn more about Mainstream Technologies, visit or LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Angela Rachels

First published on Tue, Nov 14, 2023

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