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LottieFiles Announces Figma Integration, Completely Transforming Modern Motion Design

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Figma seamlessly integrates motion into designs, empowering designers to bring their creations to life. With the LottieFiles for Figma plugin, designers can effortlessly create captivating animations and export them as production-ready assets. This powerful integration streamlines the animation process, unlocking endless possibilities to enhance user experiences and drive innovation. LottieFiles is a platform that thrives in making motion design simple. Trusted by over six million designers and developers from 250,000+ teams worldwide, the company promotes the open-source motion graphic format known as Lottie. Lottie is a format that has been widely adopted by notable companies including Adobe, Google, Microsoft and more.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Figma--Embracing motion in prototypes and products unlocks a realm of possibilities. Static designs alone can no longer effectively convey the true essence of a product. Instead, the introduction of motion breathes life into these designs, providing users with the ability to visualize and experience a product's full capabilities.

From showcasing complex interactions to demonstrating functionality and conveying unique value propositions, motion elevates the impact of product design.

The integration of motion in prototyping revolutionizes the design and development journey. Designers can now iterate more efficiently, leveraging motion-rich prototypes to gather valuable user feedback early in the process. In turn, informed design decisions are made which results in enhanced user experiences.

Figma, a collaborative interface design tool, is reshaping the product design process by seamlessly integrating motion into prototypes. Empowering designers to harness the full potential of motion, Figma allows for the creation of captivating user experiences with the integration of plugins like LottieFiles for Figma.

Figma and LottieFiles Enhance Motion Prototyping for Dynamic Products

Figma, in combination with the dynamic capabilities of LottieFiles, empowers designers of all skill levels to transform success by creating advanced and interactive design experiences. With the introduction of LottieFiles for Figma, designers now have a powerful toolkit at their disposal. The plugin enables them to effortlessly create and incorporate stunning animations into their designs.

The ability to bring production-ready animations into Figma through LottieFiles has helped many designers make higher fidelity prototypes to effectively communicate their design intent,” said Bersabel Tadesse, Product Manager, Figma. “Through the LottieFiles export, designers can take their animations beyond Figma prototypes and into production code. We are inspired by the way our partners like LottieFiles can extend the power of Figma through our developer platform."

Our mission is to simplify motion design for all designers, developers and marketers. The LottieFiles integration with Figma signifies a notable advancement for us and the wider design industry,” said K Minglani, Co-Founder and CEO of LottieFiles.

Together, Figma and LottieFiles enable designers to rapidly prototype and iterate on designs with dynamic motion elements - a move that saves precious time and resources. Designers can effortlessly share prototypes with stakeholders, gather real-time feedback, and work efficiently based on invaluable input. Thus, resulting in faster decision-making and superior outcomes.

Furthermore, the collaboration capabilities of Figma ensure that teams can seamlessly work together on motion-rich designs, streamlining the design process and fostering creativity.

Designers to Unleash the Magic of Motion with LottieFiles for Figma

With the LottieFiles for Figma plugin, designers can effortlessly create Lottie animations and export them as production-ready assets. This powerful integration streamlines the animation process, unlocking a world of possibilities.

Key features of LottieFiles for Figma:

  • Effortless animation creation: Auto-animate frames and string together multiple frames to create mesmerizing animations that breathe life into designs.
  • Seamless Lottie animation integration: Access a vast library of Lottie animations, importing them directly into Figma for seamless integration.
  • Streamlined asset export: Export animations with Figma to Lottie as production-ready code, simplifying the handoff between design and development teams.

Integrating motion into designs goes beyond aesthetics — it enhances user experiences, increases engagement, and creates a lasting impact. Motion serves as the universal language of joy, enriching interactions and engaging users.

With the dynamic duo of Figma and LottieFiles, designers gain limitless possibilities to create engaging and interactive experiences that resonate with audiences.

Access the powerful integration of LottieFiles for Figma at


Press: Jamie Kingsley,

First published on Tue, Jun 6, 2023

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