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LookPrior is the First Online Marketplace that Allows Videos of Products and Services

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MULLICA HILL, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Buy--In an industry first, LookPrior™ marketplace allows users to upload videos, along with photographs, of what they are selling, so buyers can get a true sense of what they are purchasing. The site has already been a hit with realtors, car dealers and tradesmen, to name a few. With video, sellers can showcase their products, or service providers can highlight their talents in a way that ads with only images cannot. Other hot categories include electronics, home and garden, fashion, and jewelry.

Company founder Joseph Hyacinthe emphasizes the company’s vision, “We want to bring clarity and trust to buying and selling online. When you see a video of a product, you know exactly what you are getting. There are no guessing games or questions about what you are actually about to purchase.”

LookPrior™ uses a mobile app, configured for either IOS or Android, as well as having a web option. Users can browse and post for free. Hyacinthe believes that having a variety of paid options truly sets LookPrior™ apart. There are customizable sales plans for small to mid-sized businesses, and other sales options for smaller sellers. “The app is a really great tool for small business owners,” explains Hyacinthe. He continues, “They can post and create ads that bring buyers directly to their business websites. We have a sales team that can help create a specific sales plan for the platform, if they choose.” Currently, businesses are being offered a discounted rate to sign up and new users are being rewarded with free storage space for posting their first ad.

Hyacinthe, who moved to the US from Haiti in 1998, is an IT veteran and entrepreneur. He realized that there was a fundamental issue with many classified ad marketplaces, and saw room for technological innovation to make the buying and selling process easier and clearer for both parties. He also wanted to create a sense of community between buyers and sellers by emphasizing transparency. He explains that “overcoming the challenges of posting video ads together with images has been a breakthrough. No other marketplace has been able to achieve this technology.”


Shivali Gupta
LookPrior™ Marketing Specialist
Phone: (833) 400-1550

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First published on Fri, May 6, 2022

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