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LogiNext Drives Digital Transformation Across Retail Logistics Operations At Cp Axtra

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Fast-paced adoption of digitization across the globe is creating a new paradigm of customer experience in today’s omnichannel retail world. LogiNext is at the forefront of this digital revolution in driving superior customer experiences for enterprises.

BANGKOK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AI--LogiNext, an AI-based global logistics automation platform, is leading digital transformation in Southeast Asia, through their partnership with Cp Axtra Public Company Limited, operator of Thailand’s number one wholesaler Makro and leading retailer Lotus’s.

LogiNext implementation is catalysing improvements in delivery operations and customer experience for Makro & Lotus’s. Specifically, improvements in order assignment, fleet management, trip planning, routing, picking & packing, order visibility and comprehensive analytics & insights, are helping streamline the overall supply chain operations for Makro & Lotus’s. This will help Cp Axtra efficiently scale their volumes going forward.

With its mission to become the number one B2B and B2C retailer in Asia, combining both online and offline world, in order to fulfill customers’ daily needs with technology, innovation and operational excellence; together with people and partners in a sustainable way, Cp Axtra is committed to working with the best technological partners to enhance customers’ experiences seamlessly through its omni-channel platforms.

“Cp Axtra's relentless focus on their customers and their strategic approach to delivery process optimisation augur perfectly well in the context of what our platform solves for them,” said Dhaval Thanki, Vice President - APAC & MEA, LogiNext. “LogiNext helps Makro and Lotus's businesses take full advantage of the latest and greatest in logistics technology for constantly improving their customer experience, reducing delivery costs, and driving growth,” he added.

“LogiNext provides an end-to-end logistics automation solution that helps us make our delivery operations very efficient,” said Paul Stephen Howe, Group Chief Information Technology Officer, Cp Axtra Public Company Limited. “With LogiNext enabled digitization and real-time visibility into our logistics operations, we are able to provide seamless shopping experiences to our customers, while bridging the online and offline worlds,” he added.

LogiNext's technology is revolutionizing logistics operations across the globe, enabling businesses to streamline their logistics operations, optimize routes, and enhance overall customer experiences. With real-time tracking, advanced analytics, and optimization capabilities, companies can navigate the complex logistics landscape with agility and efficiency.

As the retail industry continues to evolve, LogiNext remains committed to driving digital transformation and empowering businesses to embrace technological advancements for improving end customer experience. By leveraging automation and data-driven insights, companies can unlock new levels of operational excellence, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Shreyas Mulgund
Associate Vice President - Marketing, LogiNext
Mobile: +91-9819399139

First published on Thu, Aug 10, 2023

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