TechDogs-"LeaseWorks Advances Novus Aviation Capitals Digital Transformation"

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LeaseWorks Advances Novus Aviation Capitals Digital Transformation

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Dubai Lessor Utilizes LeaseWorks’ Software Solutions to Streamline Finance, Technical, Contracts & Commercial Operations

TechDogs-"LeaseWorks Advances Novus Aviation Capitals Digital Transformation"

MARRAKECH, Morocco--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AerisAsset--LeaseWorks®, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions and services to the aviation industry, announced during the ISTAT EMEA conference that Novus Aviation Capital (“Novus”) deployed the company’s Aeris Asset™ software to support the day-to-day management of the Dubai-based lessor’s global leasing operations.

With a focus on enhancing the leasing platform’s agility and innovation, the Novus team sought out asset management software that would be fully customizable, providing finance, technical, contracts and marketing departments with one true source of information about their aircraft.

“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Novus and enhance the platform’s competitive advantage by providing a single source of truth for managing, trading and marketing assets,” says Haseem Vazhayil, CEO, LeaseWorks.

The Novus team leverages Aeris Asset’s robust capabilities to:

  • Customize Tech Spec and Lease Summary dashboards for use by Technical;
  • Generate on-demand reports for management;
  • Automate the flow of asset and lease information from Deal Management into Lease Management, eliminating redundant data entry; and
  • Integrate ongoing software improvements via quarterly product releases.

Mamoun Kuzbari, Novus’ Chief Commercial Officer, explains that owing to the ease of use and wide-ranging functions of Aeris Asset, “our team was able to accelerate the digital transformation initiative effort and streamline the decision-making process across the technical, contracts, finance and commercial teams.”

“We built the Aeris Asset solution with lessors’ unique needs in mind, ensuring that the software provides a simple and intuitive interface and a flexible framework that enable team members to perform complete customizations, with little or no external support,” adds Vazhayil.

Aeris Asset provides lessors’ teams with the ability to:

  • Better manage asset and lease data;
  • Automate Business Intelligence reporting;
  • Customize Tech Spec and Lease Summary dashboards;
  • Integrate enhancements via quarterly product releases; and
  • Integrate seamlessly with Aeris Match to feed data from deals to lease management and vice-versa, providing real-time access to information for decision-making.

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About LeaseWorks

LeaseWorks® provides cloud-based products and services to the aviation leasing community, with solutions for both lessors and airlines. Aeris MATCH™ helps lessors more quickly and effectively deploy their aviation assets with airlines around the globe. Aeris ASSET™ allows both lessors and airlines to manage the intricate details of aviation leases. These are the first two of a suite of products that will constitute a full-life-cycle portal for managing leased aviation assets.

About Novus Aviation Capital

Established in 1994, Novus Aviation Capital (“Novus”) is an independent, privately held aircraft leasing platform, focused on investing in commercial aircraft assets. The Novus team operates out of its four global offices in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia and is active in operating and financing leases, mezzanine and, junior debt as well as third-party aircraft remarketing, servicing and, advisory services.

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First published on Tue, Sep 20, 2022

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