TechDogs-"LeadingResponse Launches New Prospect Marketing Platform for Clients"

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LeadingResponse Launches New Prospect Marketing Platform for Clients

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TechDogs-"LeadingResponse Launches New Prospect Marketing Platform for Clients"
TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#clientportal--LeadingResponse, the leader in performance marketing for professional services, today launched a new fully online account management portal, Hub, for its clients in the Financial, Legal, and Healthcare markets. Hub improves campaign management performance as clients have the ability to manage, pay, and rebook campaigns across the LeadingResponse solution portfolio.

Hub, LRSP’s client portal, gives full access to key resources and functionalities over clients’ programs and campaigns. Hub’s Increased functionality enables LRSP clients to facilitate direct messages to prospects, track prospect communication message history, enrich consumer demographic data, gain insights from performance analysis dashboards and reports, access event management, and conduct direct integration request.

“Over the last 18 months, LeadingResponse has been diligently working with our clients and partners to develop a platform that would not only meet their needs today, but also have the agility to expand as solutions and technology evolve,” said Matthew Kearney, CEO of LeadingResponse. “Hub is the perfect solution that does the work for our clients through an easy-to-use interface with transparency into communications and performance.”

Integrated with LeadingResponse’s suite of marketing solutions, Hub is a robust and intuitive tool to efficiently manage and pay for campaigns directly from the portal. While the portal offers sophisticated and forward-leaning functionality, it offers an intuitive interface and clients can easily navigate without extensive on-boarding.

“Hub was developed with the focus on ease of use for our clients. The portal offers a help section featuring 'how to' videos with screen-by-screen walk throughs to simplify the onboarding experience. Hub represents a single portal for managing the consumer journey from prospect to client while offering complex functionality married with a simplistic, easy to use navigation,” said Tim Nale, EVP of Technology.

With more than 25 years of experience driving new business opportunities for clients in legal, financial services, and healthcare markets, LeadingResponse leverages multichannel marketing solutions to connect companies with highly qualified, motivated prospects. As part of its solutions offerings, LeadingResponse develops dynamic digital ads, direct mail campaigns, webinars, in-person events, one-on-one appointments, and tailored marketing strategies to help every client achieve its unique goals.

For more information on LeadingResponse, which has offices in Dallas, Tampa, Boston and Los Angeles, and its solutions, visit

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About LeadingResponse

LeadingResponse, the premier provider of customer acquisition solutions for the financial, legal, and healthcare markets, understands the consumer journey that leads to a meaningful engagement with our professional clients. LeadingResponse is uniquely qualified to help our clients grow and scale their organizations. Via our proven multi-channel solutions, online and offline, we consistently drive over 170,000 consumers/per month to our clients for scheduled appointments. Learn more at LeadingResponse.


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First published on Mon, Sep 19, 2022

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