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Konfer Launches AI GRC To Cover Global AI Regulatory Requirements

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Konfer AI GRC is designed to help enterprises map, measure, and manage all their AI assets in compliance with NIST AI RMF, EU AI, and other compliance laws recently passed.

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Konfer, a Silicon Valley-based AI company, today announced the launch of Konfer AI GRC, bringing a Governance-by-Design framework to continuous compliance to accelerate the enterprise adoption of AI. Powered by generative AI, Konfer converts policies and regulations to governance controls and creates a governance playbook, helps enterprises map all their AI assets (data, models, and apps), measures the assets’ risk posture in real-time in accordance to the governance playbook, and assesses the conformance of these assets to AI and other regulations.

“As enterprises are increasingly adopting AI initiatives in their process of digital transformation and scaling, it has become imperative for them to know how all their AI assets—models, apps, and data—interoperate, and how they bring additional risks to an organization,” says Debu Chatterjee, CEO of Konfer. Chatterjee was the first head of AI Engineering at ServiceNow, after his company, DxContinuum, was acquired by ServiceNow [NYSE:NOW] in 2017.

“We took an outward-in approach to the problem,” says co-founder and CTO Dr. Baskar Jayaraman, also a co-founder at DxContinuum, “where we transformed governance and compliance mandates into product rules, and leveraged generative AI to scale the product performance. Governance and compliance can now be reduced from weeks to hours, and be continuous.”

Across the world, industrial consortia and statutory organizations are laying down complex compliance requirements that are contextual to their respective needs—unique, different, and complicated to understand the minute details. These regulations will proliferate, as will the enterprise assets. A standardized approach reduces cost without compromising competitiveness and innovation.

“The product will help an organization’s compliance and legal officers, and other stakeholders involved in AI initiatives, create internal checkpoints designed for their unique businesses, and ensure they meet the ever-changing AI compliance landscape,” continues Chatterjee.

“The Konfer Confidence Score, like the FICO® score, is designed to help enterprise leaders make AI governance decisions that will impact their brand, customer engagement, and market optics,” adds Jayaraman.

About Konfer: Based in Milpitas, CA, Konfer is a venture-backed AI company that is the first to build governance workflows mapped to complex AI governance laws across the world.


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First published on Tue, Oct 17, 2023

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