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Kondukto Announces AI Remediation And Support For eShard MAST

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New AI feature will reduce time to remediation drastically and integration with eShard extends Kondukto’s platform capabilities into mobile application security testing.

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Kondukto Inc., the leading Application Security Orchestration & Correlation (ASOC) platform for cloud and on-premise workloads, announces the availability of its innovative AI Remediation feature. This new feature will boost the collaboration between application security and developer teams. Fixing detected vulnerabilities will be faster and false positive alerts will be reduced compared to traditional rule-based solutions.

“Taking advantage of the recent advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, we have been working with our customers to open a new chapter in automation for AppSec teams. Our AI Remediation feature will cut down time-to-remediation and increase team productivity across the board.”
- Cenk Kalpakoğlu (CEO & Co-Founder of Kondukto)

Automated Remediation for AppSec Teams

Modern AI technologies like ChatGPT have demonstrated to be capable of taking automation tasks to a new level. Kondukto’s AI Remediation feature uses these machine learning techniques to automate the remediation of identified vulnerabilities across scanner technologies and applications.

Seamless Integration with existing workflows

The suggestions for vulnerability fixes are integrated with existing developer and application security workflows. It does not require teams to adopt new user interface paradigms.

Taking advantage of the class-leading workflow automation capabilities of the Kondukto Application Security Orchestration and Posture Management Platform (ASPM) the addition of AI Remmediation will enable product owners to meet release cycles without cutting corners on security.

Fine Tuned to work across integrations

AI Remediation has been fine-tuned using the unique insights of Kondukto’s ASOC Platform that currently offers more than 100 integrations with security tools. Taking advantage of the deep experience with correlation engines and individual scanner technologies, open-source and commercial, Kondukto’s AI suggestions are tailor made for developer teams.

The new AI Remediation feature is part of the Autumn 2023 release of the Kondukto Platform and will be available to all customers worldwide, both SaaS and on-premise.

Enhancing Mobile App Security with esChecker and Kondukto

eShard is empowering organisations with the necessary tools and knowledge for secure mobile applications. Their unique MAST tool, esChecker, and its innovative "record and replay" feature offers automated security testing under real conditions. With the integration into the Kondukto Platform, customers can now ensure top-tier protection for their mobile applications.

“Mobile applications are integral components of many systems, and ensuring their security is crucial. This is why we are excited about our integration with the Kondukto Platform. This move signifies a significant step toward making available mobile application security in a unified AppSec platform.”
- Hugues Thiebeauld (Co-Fouder & CEO of eShard)

About Kondukto Inc.

Kondukto is one of the fastest growing startups in the important application security (AppSec) category. Founded in 2018, Kondukto has been backed by renowned Seed stage investors 500 Startups and ScaleX. The Kondukto Platform is emerging as a leading ASOC solution for AppSec teams around the world. It supports customers in their AppSec Transformation efforts, vulnerability management, and collaboration with developer and operations teams. Customers benefit from increased team productivity, focus, and insights they need to secure their organisation’s applications.

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First published on Tue, Aug 8, 2023

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