TechDogs-"KAYTUS Unveils Its Advanced Storage Server KR2266V2 With 28 LFF Drives In 2U"

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KAYTUS Unveils Its Advanced Storage Server KR2266V2 With 28 LFF Drives In 2U

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KR2266V2 delivers superior storage density and TCO benefits for big data and storage-intensive applications, including intelligent analysis, marketing trends, inventory management, and intelligent recommendation systems

SINGAPORE & HAMBURG, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KAYTUS, a leading IT infrastructure provider, unveils its advanced KR2266V2 storage server at ISC High Performance 2024. The KR2266V2 supports 28 3.5-inch drives, offering a storage capacity exceeding 600TB in the 2U form factor. This provides a storage density 133% higher than the industry average. The server is equipped with dual 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors, each with a TDP of up to 350W. It features PCIe 5.0 at 32GT/s and supports 400Gb low-latency networks, catering to various big data application scenarios and delivering exceptional TCO benefits.

The KR2266V2 doubles the storage density, providing over 600TB in 2U space

The KR2266V2 utilizes a three-tier architecture and accommodates 28 3.5-inch drives, offering a storage capacity exceeding 600TB within a 2U form factor. Its storage density surpasses the industry average by 133%. To optimize data transmission efficiency, the KR2266V2 employs an innovative approach, replacing traditional cable transmission with an I/O board integrating a multitude of Redriver chips. This enhancement boosts the signal strength of the storage data links, ensuring that each drive achieves peak performance.

Intelligent management ensures streamlined operations and maintenance (O&M)

The KR2266V2 offers high storage density and convenient O&M, supporting tool-free maintenance with drive trays that improve efficiency by 100%. It features an intelligent control platform with a one-click call-home function, enabling device reporting for repair within seconds and achieving over 95% accuracy in intelligent diagnostics. The KR2266V2 can predict drive component failures 5 to 30 days in advance and performance anomalies 5 to 10 minutes also in advance. With intelligent memory health analysis, fault prediction, and self-healing capabilities, the risk of device failure is significantly reduced.

The optimal choice for big data setups with drastic TCO and resource reduction

Outperforming industry norms, the KR2266V2 excels in big data scenarios, particularly in applications such as intelligent analysis, marketing trends, inventory management, and intelligent recommendation systems. It enhances MapReduce processing performance by 84% and improves Kafka production model test performance by up to 173%. With the same storage capacity and performance requirements, the number of KR2266V2 servers is reduced by 50%, power expenditure is reduced by over 40%, and the overall TCO is reduced by more than 30%, making it a cost-effective choice for data center users.


KAYTUS is a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, delivering a diverse range of cutting-edge, open, and eco-friendly products for cloud, AI, edge computing, and other emerging applications. With a customer-centric approach, KAYTUS is agile and responsive to user needs through its adaptable business model. Discover more at


First published on Wed, May 22, 2024

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