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IntelliGuard Accelerates Corporate Growth With Office And Team Expansions In North America

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Expansion to Ohio and Canada and investment in sales team to provide stronger customer engagement and support

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IntelliGuard, a fast-growing provider of medication management systems, is expanding the company’s presence in North America by adding two new offices - one in Columbus, Ohio, and one in Toronto, Canada. IntelliGuard is also investing significantly in personnel, increasing its sales team and field-based workforce, as well as investing in new technology by acquiring supply chain management company Supplymind Healthcare Technologies.

These strategic moves position IntelliGuard to more effectively engage and support local and regional healthcare organizations throughout North America with the shared goal of advancing patient safety.

“These important company milestones represent a significant investment in our mission to advance patient safety through solutions that empower both hospitals and healthcare professionals,” said Chief Executive Officer Bob Howard. “IntelliGuard’s expansion in North America, the growth of our sales team, and the recent acquisition of Supplymind propel IntelliGuard forward as a leader in cutting-edge medication and supply chain management solutions. IntelliGuard is revolutionizing the antiquated healthcare supply chain to serve hospitals and pharmacies more efficiently so they can deliver better patient outcomes.”

The Toronto, Canada, office is now fully operational. Chief Operations Officer Tim Tinnel will oversee operations at the facility in Columbus, Ohio, which is expected to begin operations in Q4 of 2023.

“I am excited to lead IntelliGuard’s Ohio team as we continue our ongoing company expansion,” said Tinnel. “At IntelliGuard, we are committed to tackling the medication management challenges facing healthcare systems. Our new offices and resources underscore our unwavering dedication to delivering innovative solutions to hospitals and pharmacies while improving patient safety.”

In addition to new office locations, IntelliGuard recently strengthened its executive leadership team, appointing Bob Howard as CEO and Tom Koning as President.

The company also named Paulo Viola as Vice President of Data Science Solutions in tandem with its acquisition of Supplymind Healthcare Technologies. This acquisition expands IntelliGuard’s supply chain management capabilities with IntelliGuard Insights™, a powerful cloud-based predictive analytics engine that enables data-driven decisions in healthcare facilities, helping key decision-makers in pharmacy, operations, and anesthesiology optimize inventory, workflow, and staffing for improved medication management and patient safety.

About IntelliGuard

IntelliGuard is a provider of medication management systems to track, trace, and manage medications and critical inventory. Through its flagship RFID-based system, IntelliGuard protects patients and hospitals by creating an environment of safety around every medication decision from supplier to patient with 99.99% levels of accuracy. IntelliGuard enables better medication management compliance, visibility, and guidance throughout the medication journey and reassurance for key decision-makers in pharmacy, operations, and anesthesiology that necessary guardrails are in place to ensure patient safety. For more information, visit IntelliGuard.


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First published on Wed, Oct 11, 2023

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