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Imprinted Data Matrix Code On ams OSRAM LEDs Now enables Automotive Manufacturers To Streamline Their Production

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  • Innovative Data Matrix Code provides individual ID linked to measurement data for each LED
  • Provision of data per LED reduces manufacturers’ optical calibration effort, simplifying their production process
  • Launch of DMC initiative reflects ams OSRAM’s strategy of adding value to LEDs

PREMSTAETTEN, Austria & MUNICH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, has introduced a product innovation that helps manufacturers of automotive lighting modules and systems to increase their production throughput and efficiency while achieving very high consistency in optical quality and performance.

The innovation, referred to as DMC (Data Matrix Code), is based on a unique, machine-readable code printed on top of each LED package. DMC is already available today for some members of the OSIRE® family of automotive LEDs. The code on the package links to individual data for each LED production unit: color coordinates, luminous intensity and forward voltage at two currents.

This two-current setting gives manufacturers the widest range of dimming options for day and night modes, while meeting the automotive industry’s strict requirements for color point stability.

Anita Wenzl, Senior Product Marketing Manager of ams OSRAM, emphasizes: ”ams OSRAM was the first LED manufacturer to provide a link to the measurement data of each individual LED through a code printed onto the LED itself. Our DMC innovation supports manufacturers in increasing their production throughput. Furthermore, it reduces their need to invest in cost-intensive optical test equipment and the technical skills required to operate it.“

LED+: Greater accuracy through unique data adds precious value to LEDs

With the introduction of DMC, ams OSRAM increases the value of its automotive LEDs as conclusive data effectively support digitalized and automated factory processes. DMC is now available in three automotive LEDs:

  • The OSIRE® E5515 is an RGB ‘sidelooker’ LED designed for modern ambient lighting in the vehicle interior. Supplied in a white low-profile, surface-mount package, the OSIRE® E5515 is ideally suited for coupling into thin light guides. In addition, the housing material´s temperature stability has been optimized for improved compatibility with processes based on IMSE® (In-Mold Structural Electronics). The OSIRE® E5515 is available under the part number KRTB AELPS2.32.
  • The OSIRE® E3323 is an RGB top surface-emitting LED for ambient lighting applications in the vehicle interior. With dimensions as small as 3.3 mm x 2.3 mm x 0.7 mm, the OSIRE® E3323 is the smallest of its kind in the OSIRE® family – for even more flexible designs than is currently possible with a delta or inline RGB chip configuration. The OSIRE® E3323 products can be ordered under the part numbers KRTB DWLM31.32 and KRTB DWLM32.32.

The DMC will be imprinted on every manufactured LED and manufacturers are free to choose whether to use the data or not. This value-adding feature is likely to be rolled out to other OSIRE® family members in the future.

For more information: OSIRE® | ams OSRAM (


Eva Feuerlein

First published on Fri, Mar 22, 2024

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