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Hub One Has Selected Dawex Technology for its Airport Data Exchange Platform Hub One DataTrust

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PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dawex, the leader in Data Exchange solution, today announced that Hub One, a subsidiary of the Groupe ADP, has chosen Dawex Data Exchange technology for the deployment of its airport Data Exchange Platform “Hub One DataTrust”.

Aiming at federating and valuing the airport data ecosystem, Hub One relies on Dawex technology to create a secure and trusted environment that meets regulatory requirements, in particular the Data Governance Act that sets the role of data intermediation service provider. Dawex was selected for its expertise, the flexibility and sophistication of its data exchange solution, after an international bidding process.

“The valuation of airport data is of strategic importance for Hub One. The creation of a data ecosystem is at the heart of our strategy, and we needed to rely on the most robust data exchange platform solution on the market,” says Jean Sébastien Mackiewicz, General Manager of Hub One DataTrust, a subsidiary of Hub One. “We have selected Dawex for its business, technological and regulatory expertise to accelerate the circulation of data between our partners, suppliers and customers.”

The Data Exchange Platform solution from Dawex enables organizations to distribute or share data products, in trust, for any business case. With an open, secure, compliant architecture, Dawex solution implements the Gaia-X Trust Framework principles and facilitates the orchestration of data ecosystems for rapid operational benefits.

“We are extremely happy that Hub One has selected Dawex Data Exchange technology for its airport Data Exchange Platform “Hub One DataTrust.” Dawex has demonstrated its technological breakthrough and enables organizations to deploy secure data exchange platforms where data transactions can take place in trust,” says Fabrice Tocco, Dawex co-CEO. “Data Exchange is an innovation catalyst, essential to addressing environmental, economic and social challenges that the world is facing.”

For this project, Hub One is working with Fujitsu as an integrator of Dataiku's data project development platform.

About Dawex

Dawex is the leader in data exchange solutions to distribute or share data products, with trust, for any business case. With the Dawex solution Data Exchange Platform, organizations create data ecosystems based on data marketplaces and data hubs that meet regulatory requirements, address traceability and security challenges. Awarded Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Dawex is the initiator of an international standardization program on “Trusted Data Transaction”. Created in 2015, Dawex is headquartered in France, expanding business operations to Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.


Isabelle Joulot
Vice President Communications & Marketing

First published on Tue, Jun 13, 2023

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