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Digital Marketing And Partner To Accelerate Brand And Career Growth For Web3 Artists

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Partnership Delivers Web3 Artists Ongoing Brand and Marketing Support

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE), a premium communications agency that specializes in disruptive technology, today announced it’s working alongside, a no-code platform that allows creators to launch end-to-end non-fungible tokens (NFT); secure, accessible and fair. will provide hands-on marketing support, with offering strategic advice to Web3 artists. The partnership equips rising Web3 artists with a seasoned marketing team to cultivate their individual brands – enabling artists to focus squarely on art creation.

The 2022 Saatchi Report highlights that visual artists spend an estimated 31-40 hours per week creating art, and spend an additional 21-30 hours per week on marketing their work. To promote their art, creators sacrifice significant amounts of creative time to manage their websites, social media pages, and catalogs while also interfacing with galleries, NFT marketplaces, and launchpads. For Web3 artists, the brand development and engagement challenge is only more apparent, as the Web3 audience pool is smaller yet demands a far higher level of active engagement., working alongside, is intent on helping artists cultivate their brands with holistic marketing support, technical guidance and strategic advisory – allowing artists to dedicate more time to their art.

“At, our core mission is to facilitate long-term Web3 ecosystem growth,” said Co-Founder & CEO, Ivan Perez. “Artists in this space have the unique challenge of building their brand, identifying and growing an audience, actively engaging this audience, and producing consistent art that resonates. More often than not, this set of demands overwhelms artists. We’re working alongside to streamline this process, and allow them the freedom to do more of what they love.”

Studies indicate that nearly 75% of global art buyers leverage social media to discover and purchase art. However, as artists grapple with allocating time to creating art or promoting art, the ability to properly engage audiences suffers – impacting brand growth and overall art sales.’s strategic alignment with allows artists to grow their personal brands without diverting attention away from their art. Through’s differentiated conditional mint parameters, artists can foster meaningful community growth as collectors fulfill specific engagement criteria.

“We see first-hand how patrons judge artists for their works’ floor prices and social metrics,” said Bentata Chocron, Co-Founder of “Introverted and less promotional artists often suffer simply because their focus is more on creating and less on championing their accomplishments. Teaming up with allows us to work with artists on a consistent basis to focus on their individual brand development so they can sustain their career growth. We hope working with will eliminate several of the major difficulties in being a Web3 artist.”

Brands or individuals looking for support can book a free 15 minute consultation with the team here.

For more information about Howl services, visit: To stay up to date on the latest developments, follow along on X: @tryhowl.

ABOUT HOWL.XYZ is a creative marketing communications and product studio. We specialize in NFT-based technologies, decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain infrastructure, autonomous organizations (DAOs) and digital asset exchanges. Our approach combines a team of industry experts in arts and entertainment, SaaS, fintech, consumer products, and Web3 technologies.

From inception to market, we help companies understand the innovative landscape, formulate strategy and deploy resources to bring ideas to life.

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ABOUT FAIR.XYZ is a trailblazing NFT creation platform, empowering the next generation of creators, artists, and brands and standing at the forefront of digital asset monetization. With over 800,000 individual NFTs minted on, the platform has facilitated a remarkable $7M in fees directly benefiting its creators, with a staggering $45M in sales volume.

Founded by a team of experienced engineers hailing from Meta, Instagram, and Goldman Sachs, leverages their world-leading industry expertise to craft the finest consumer products in the realm of Web3. The ultimate goal is to create an unparalleled NFT launch experience that caters to both collectors and creators alike, positioning as the go-to hub for NFTs, akin to the esteemed 'Amazon Marketplace' of Web3.

Notably, has recently partnered with the Ukrainian government to create the world's first government-backed NFT, a testament to their collaboration with major institutions, brands, and global movements. This collaboration allows them to bring forth truly bespoke Web3 solutions, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in this rapidly evolving landscape.


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First published on Thu, Aug 17, 2023

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