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Blockchain to award consumers with a custom NFT of their home

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Leading home buying resource to become first to offer a crypto home memento

MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE) is awarding a select number of consumers with a custom, animated NFT, or non-fungible token, of the special home in their lives.

By visiting, consumers have the chance to secure a custom NFT derived from a rendering of their home, whether it’s their first home, their current home, a favorite childhood home, or any other home that has meaning to them.

Because it’s animated, the digital artwork will capture the nostalgia of the home at a specific point in time — like as the snow falls on a home decorated for the holiday season or when glowing pumpkins adorn the front stoop — creating a unique and meaningful memento that can be minted on an anniversary or other date of significance. Chosen recipients will also receive a free hardware wallet to enable them to safely store their newly minted NFT. saw the burgeoning popularity of the NFT marketplace as a way to raise awareness of the joy of homeownership.

“We all have a deep and emotional attachment to our homes — they mean more than the wood, stucco, or brick they are built with. The NFT is meant to preserve that feeling and share the excitement with a new generation of future homeowners,” said Ben Smidt, VP Digital Strategy & Innovation at Fairway. “Many people today are interested in what’s happening with NFTs and crypto. The ability to offer a meaningful digital asset and hardware wallet is a fun way to connect.”

Conscious of the carbon footprints NFTs leave behind, is working with a nationally recognized environmental foundation to limit CO2 emissions. A donation of 10 trees will be made for every NFT minted. This donation offsets the carbon dioxide emissions that result from the creation of an NFT.

NFTs are unique digital assets that exist on the blockchain — think of them as certificates of authenticity for digital artifacts. They have emerged as a new way to mint assets like artwork, music and videos, and their popularity has skyrocketed in the last year.

To learn more about this initiative visit

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First published on Thu, May 5, 2022

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