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Headstorm Unveils AGPILOT: Revolutionizing Agricultural Retail With Gen AI

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Groundbreaking Innovation Presented at World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

ADDISON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Headstorm, a technology consulting company, recently unveiled its latest innovation, AGPILOT, at the esteemed World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco. This cutting-edge product, an app powered by Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), marks a significant departure from Headstorm's traditional role of service provider, as it aims to revolutionize the agricultural retail sector.

AGPILOT promises to redefine the relationship between agronomists and growers, fostering greater productivity and efficiency for both parties. AGPILOT will be a “north star” to the ag retail industry, positioned to increase revenue and reduce agronomist attrition rates for the companies that adopt it.

At the heart of AGPILOT's capabilities lies its utilization of Gen AI, seamlessly integrating grower-agronomist interactions with vast troves of both public and private data. Leveraging sources such as Microsoft's ADMA solution for public data, and proprietary data repositories developed by ag retailers, AGPILOT transforms raw information into actionable insights in real-time. By automating research tasks and consolidating relevant data, AGPILOT empowers agronomists to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively.

The potential use cases for AGPILOT are limitless, offering opportunities for continuous refinement as underlying machine learning models evolve and responses are optimized for maximum efficiency. Lawrence King, CEO of Headstorm, emphasizes the product's adaptability, stating, “We have already refined a number of use cases based on feedback from actual agronomists across many regions and crop types. We believe AGPILOT will be a catalyst for productivity and become a positive contribution to the agriculture economy.”

In summary, AGPILOT represents a pioneering advancement in the intersection of technology and agriculture, promising to reshape industry dynamics and drive sustainable growth. As Headstorm leads the charge with its innovative Gen AI solution, the future of agricultural retail stands poised for unprecedented transformation.

Headstorm is a comprehensive technology consultancy armed with unparalleled expertise and firsthand knowledge of the agricultural industry. Leveraging their deep understanding of the competitive landscape across broad-acre, specialty, and animal sectors, Headstorm delivers actionable technology roadmaps that bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

From inception to execution, Headstorm helps you play to your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, and make technology your unfair advantage. To explore the possibilities with Headstorm, visit


Lawrence King, CEO, Headstorm

First published on Thu, Mar 21, 2024

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