TechDogs-"Hatch Launches No-Code Web Creation Platform To Empower Creators With One-Click Interactivity And Animation"

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Hatch Launches No-Code Web Creation Platform To Empower Creators With One-Click Interactivity And Animation

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SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hatch, consumer software innovator founded by entrepreneurs from Valve and Picnik, today announced the official launch of their creative web development platform Hatch. With a focus on interactivity, animation, and physics functionality typically requiring programming expertise, Hatch was built to support tech-curious creators on the web.

Hatch cofounder Darrin Massena said, “A webpage has the creative potential of a painter’s palette and the constructive power to solve a problem. At Hatch, we are removing the technical barriers of coding, so anyone can use a webpage as a limitless creative medium. Anyone can build a new connected experience for themselves, their business, or their community.”

Hatch provides simple tools and a dedicated web space to make unique websites, games, evites, portfolios, digital art, interactive stories, messaging, maps, and creative experiments, regardless of technical expertise. Registered Hatch users can create and publish pages to share publicly or keep projects private for sharing with friends and family. As part of the creator community, users can also open-source their projects by making them “remixable,” allowing other users to duplicate and modify the content. Hatch offers free and paid versions of their publishing tools which include drag-and-drop kits, one-click interactive effects, responsive physics, dynamic gravity, and more.

“When an engineer wants a new interactive experience, they build it. But that power shouldn’t be limited to programmers alone,” said Hatch cofounder Mike Harrington. “We built Hatch so any creator can carve out their own corner of the web without having to code it themselves. Unlike many no-code platforms, we don’t rely on grids or boxes so our creators can drag, drop, trigger, and animate text or visual elements however and wherever they want.”

After a successful exit with their photo editing startup Picnik, Harrington and Massena came together again in 2021 with a vision of democratizing software creation. Self-funded with a growing bootstrapped team, the cofounders dedicated their resources to building the infrastructure and functionality required to support a community of web creators at scale.

Massena continued, "Hatch's journey is a reflection of our long term vision to democratize software for anyone to create interactive experiences on the web. We invite all creators to try the Hatch platform and see what they can make."

To try Hatch, visit


Hatch is an online makerspace for tech-curious creators to build and share unique interactive experiences on the web, no coding required. Hatch’s ecosystem includes a publishing platform, design tools, and a community of creators experimenting with interactivity, animation, physics, and generative AI. Through drag-and-drop kits, Hatch helps casual and technical creators make unique websites, link-in-bio pages, evites, portfolios, digital art, interactive stories, and creative experiments they can’t build anywhere else online.

Hatch is led by cofounders Darrin Massena and Mike Harrington, seasoned technology entrepreneurs and successful product leaders. Prior to Hatch, Massena and Harrington cofounded online photo editing service Picnik, which grew to 60 million monthly users worldwide and was acquired by Google in 2010. Before Picnik, Massena cofounded SpiffCode (creators of Warfare Incorporated) and Harrington cofounded Valve Software (creators of Half-Life). Since its start in 2021, Hatch has been dedicated to democratizing software for creative expression.


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First published on Tue, Oct 3, 2023

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