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HarborPath Selects FFF Enterprises as the Exclusive Distributor for Naloxone to Help States Combat the Opioid Epidemic

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HarborPath cites FFF’s nationwide delivery network through its specialty pharmacy company Nufactor and its cloud-based inventory management system as key for deploying Naloxone where the need is greatest

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--More than 100,000 Americans died of opioid overdoses in the 12 months ending April 2021, up sharply from about 78,000 during the same period the year before, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. Making Naloxone, a medication that counters the effects of opioids, widely accessible to drug users, their friends and families, first responders, and those likely to witness drug use is a critical way to combat the opioid epidemic, according to Ken Trogdon, president of HarborPath, a nonprofit organization providing life-saving medications in 17 states.

HarborPath aims to build on local efforts with a multi-state approach to deploying Naloxone through nonprofit organizations, county health departments, college and university health centers, or directly to consumers.

“We selected FFF Enterprises as our exclusive distributor because they share our same values. By using our collective expertise and resources to beat this horrible crisis, we will save the lives of those caught in the grip of addiction. Additionally, FFF’s experience in managing the availability and safety of chronic care products nationally using a direct-to-consumer approach through its Nufactor specialty pharmacy subsidiary informed our decision as well,” noted Trogdon.

He continued, “The opioid crisis does not discriminate – it affects all, and too many people have lost family members and friends from drug overdoses. Increased access to Naloxone is key to reversing the trend of surging overdose deaths. Currently, no comprehensive national strategy exists for providing Naloxone proactively and directly to the people who need it. By leveraging FFF Enterprises’ sophisticated technology to track inventory and real-time usage, we can achieve this goal by pinpointing and dispatching Naloxone supplies where they can have the most significant immediate impact.”

The program will use the distribution and dispensing capabilities of HarborPath and FFF Enterprises in conjunction with their industry experience, relationships, and reputation. With state-of-the-art facilities in Temecula, CA; Kernersville, NC; and Flower Mound, TX, FFF Enterprises will be the exclusive distributor through its subsidiary, Nufactor, which offers Naloxone free through a discreet, secure, direct-to-consumer model. HarborPath will be the nonprofit organization contracting directly with states, counties, cities, and nonprofits to provide this life-saving medication.

“We are pleased HarborPath selected us to work with them on this effort to save lives affected by the opioid crisis. The primary goal of providing citizens and communities suffering from opioid use disorder easier access to a life-saving medication is something we can wholeheartedly support,” stated Patrick M. Schmidt, CEO of FFF Enterprises. “We cannot think of a better use for our smart storage technology and automated inventory management system than in support of this effort to place Naloxone supplies where they can do the greatest good.”

HarborPath has started working with federal, state, and local officials and nonprofit organizations to identify the customized distribution and operational approaches capable of delivering the best outcomes. Most recently, HarborPath awarded a grant to fund a full-time position in Kentucky for the nonprofit Operation UNITE to focus on making Naloxone more available and accessible throughout a 32-county area ravaged by the opioid crisis. In the future, HarborPath, working with FFF, plans to bring together a comprehensive suite of offerings to support those suffering from opioid addiction through withdrawal, treatment, and recovery.

“If we save one life and spare a family from the heartbreak and pain of losing a loved one, it will be worth it,” Trogdon concluded.

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About HarborPath

HarborPath is a North Carolina-based nonprofit. The organization provides access to life-saving medications for uninsured people living with chronic illnesses throughout the U.S. Through an online portal program; healthcare professionals can apply for multiple medicines on behalf of their uninsured patients living with infectious diseases, opioid substance abuse, and other complex chronic conditions through one single application. We determine eligibility status immediately, and medications ship within 48 hours through our online mail-order pharmacy. By providing uninsured individuals access to medicines at no cost, HarborPath eliminates many barriers to care for the most vulnerable.


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First published on Thu, Jul 7, 2022

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