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Halcyon Launches Ransomware Warranty Program To Curb Ransomware Impact

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Warranty Provides Response and Recovery Services to Minimize Business Impact of Successful Attacks

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Halcyon, the leading platform designed from day one to defeat ransomware, today announced the Halcyon Ransomware Warranty program designed to minimize the damage of successful ransomware attacks. As the industry’s only platform able to reverse the effects of ransomware the moment an attack is detected, Halcyon is now taking ransomware protection a step further, delivering increased protection should any attacks bypass its prevention and recovery tooling by providing an additional layer of ransomware resilience.

With the Halcyon Ransomware Warranty program, in the event of a successful ransomware event, Halcyon will provide incident response and recovery services, minimizing downtime and impact on business operations. The level of professional services provided is based on the number of purchased endpoint licenses during the warranty period. The warranty covers all endpoints within the customer’s protected environment where Halcyon’s anti-ransomware solution is operational.

“Our goal at Halcyon is to defeat ransomware,” said Jon Miller, CEO and Co-founder, Halcyon. “We don’t care when or how we do that. We aim to disrupt attacks the moment they begin to propagate, but we’ll work with our clients to defeat attacks in any stage of the attack chain. Our warranty program provides customers with the assurance that they have recourse in a worst-case scenario event, and they can rely upon Halcyon to mitigate the damage without incurring additional costs.”

The moments after a cyberattack is detected are among the most hectic a company can experience. In times of stress, organizations want to know that they can rely on their partners without being billed exorbitantly after the fact. The last thing that any organization needs while digging themselves out from a cybersecurity incident is another bill from a partner for services rendered during response and recovery.

To be eligible, organizations must maintain an active Halcyon subscription, ensure their endpoints are in a Blocking Security Posture, and comply with Halcyon's Subscription Services Agreement.

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Halcyon is the leading anti-ransomware company. Global 2000 companies rely on the Halcyon platform to fill endpoint protection gaps and defeat ransomware with minimal business disruption through built-in bypass and evasion protection, key material capture and automated decryption, and exfiltration and extortion prevention.


Will Clark
fama PR for Halcyon

First published on Thu, May 2, 2024

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