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GRC Announces Second Annual Data Center Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month

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Throughout August, GRC will provide live educational webinars and other content featuring data center thought leaders and end users discussing the latest advancements in liquid immersion cooling and the path to truly sustainable data centers

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GRC (Green Revolution Cooling), the leader in single-phase data center liquid immersion cooling, announced today the second annual Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month (LICAM), taking place throughout August. The live, weekly educational sessions will be moderated by Mission Critical Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Amy Al-Katib.

Globally, data centers currently use approximately 1.5 - 2% of the world’s electricity. Some projections suggest that data center energy use will only increase, accounting for up to 13% of global electricity within the next decade. Traditional air-cooled data centers cannot overcome the sustainability challenges and environmental impact, let alone meet the demands of today’s high-powered processors and high-density deployments.

GRC’s month-long initiative will bring together some of the data center industry’s top thought leaders from companies including Dell, Intel, and Vertiv, as well as other prominent data center and sustainability focused organizations and end users, to increase awareness of liquid immersion cooling technology.

Amy Al-Katib, Mission Critical Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, will return to moderate the weekly educational sessions. “I am excited to participate again in this year’s LICAM program,” said Al-Katib. “This important initiative is key to helping end users understand the developments in liquid immersion cooling, as well as the potential economic and environmental benefits, while also demystifying many questions about the technology. With the industry’s hyper focus on amplifying sustainability efforts and the increase in high-density computing environments, not to mention crypto mining, these sessions are a must-attend for today’s data center operators.”

GRC and its partners will provide educational sessions featuring end users, server manufacturers, and other data center stakeholders to discuss the efficiency benefits and the reduction in CapEx and OpEx with liquid immersion cooling. Industry experts will use a series of webinars, blogs, and presentations to educate the public and those in the data center industry on how liquid immersion cooling contributes to cost-effective and environmentally friendly data centers. The sessions will also debunk several myths and misunderstandings about immersion cooling.

Live webinar topics in August include:

  • Data Center Sustainability
  • Strengthening the Data Center Ecosystem
  • Greenfield Data Centers and Immersion Cooling
  • Transitioning to Immersion Cooling from a Traditional Air-cooled Facility
  • Crypto Mining and Immersion Cooling

“GRC is excited to once again host this important initiative that will provide a roadmap for efficiently cooling next-generation data centers,” said Peter Poulin, CEO at GRC. “While airflow is still the predominant form of data center cooling, Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month provides participants with an increased understanding of the technology and its economic and environmental benefits, as well as highlighting the ease in which air-cooled data centers can be seamlessly retrofitted to liquid immersion cooling.”

Please visit to learn more about this year’s lineup of topics, partners, and speakers. Recordings of last year’s webinar sessions can be found here.

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About GRC

GRC is The Immersion Cooling Authority®. The company's patented immersion-cooling technology radically simplifies deployment of data center cooling infrastructure. By eliminating the need for chillers, CRACs, air handlers, humidity controls, and other conventional cooling components, enterprises reduce their data center design, build, energy, and maintenance costs. GRC’s solutions are deployed in twenty-one countries and are ideal for next-gen applications platforms, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, HPC, 5G, and other edge computing and core applications. Their systems are environmentally resilient, sustainable, and space saving, making it possible to deploy them in virtually any location with minimal lead time. Visit for more information.


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First published on Thu, Jun 30, 2022

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