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Global Drone Application Report 2022 - Featuring Aerodyne, AMKVO, Cooper Copter and Distant Imagery Among Others -

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DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Drone Application Report 2022" report has been added to's offering.

The Drone Application Report provides a unique insight, analysis, and case studies of drone applications throughout 17 industry verticals.

This extensive 174-page drone application report covers all 15 industry verticals in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), with two adjusted verticals that are more adequate for the drone industry. These Include Agriculture, Energy (Utilities), Construction, Health Care, Insurance and Transportation among others.

The report encompasses 237 application examples including methods, typical results, and typical technology stack, which provide the most comprehensive study into how drones are used for business development today. At the end of each industry section, there is also an outlook for current and future market volume as well as the current level of technological complexity.

Furthermore, the drone application report includes 55 real-life case studies that describe how the technology is being used by several companies throughout the world. Each case study has a concrete problem and solution description as well as value-added metrics that shed light into how the applications made work safer and the company more profitable.

Companies Mentioned

  • Aerodyne
  • Aeromedia
  • Airteam
  • Ardenna
  • AT&T
  • Canard
  • Cooper Copter
  • Distant Imagery
  • doks.
  • Drone Base
  • Drone Responders
  • Dronecle
  • Ehang
  • Everdrone
  • Fairfleet
  • Firmatek
  • Firnas Aero
  • Flyability
  • gdg Environment
  • And Many More Companies!

Key Findings:

  • By 2026, the commercial market is expected to generate over 41.3 billion USD growing at a CAGR of 9.4%
  • Top industries for drone applications are Energy, Construction, and Agriculture
  • Most popular application methods are: Mapping & Surveying, Inspection and Photography & Filming
  • The biggest vertical, Energy (Utilities), shows a great variety of use cases. Like in all other verticals, drones help reduce time and costs while improving result quality and worker safety

Key Topics Covered:

1 Executive Summary

2 Scope and Methodology

3 Introduction

4 Drone Market Size

4 Definitions & Introduction

4.1 Drone Market: Commercial Vs. Recreational 2021-2026

4.2 Drone Market Size by Industry 2021-2026

4.3 Drone Market Size by Method 2021-2026

5 Industry Verticals

5 Definitions & Introduction

5.1 Agriculture

5.1.1 Case Study - Forest Inventory

5.1.2 Case Study - Palm Tree Counting

5.1.3 Case Study - Crop Analysis and Spraying

5.1.4 Case Study - Drone Spraying

5.1.5 Case Study - Radar Mapping

5.1.6 Case Study - Mangrove Restoration

5.2 Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

5.2.1 Case Study - Digital Fireworks

5.3 Construction

5.3.1 Case Study - Geomagnetic Detection

5.3.2 Case Study - Highway Construction Project

5.3.3 Case Study - Construction Site Surveying

5.4 Cargo, Courier Services, Intralogistics &Wareousing

5.4.1 Case Study - Food Delivery

5.4.2 Case Study - Stock Inventory

5.5 Educational, Scientific & Technical Services

5.5.1 Case Study - Flooding Monitoring Modelling

5.5.2 Case Study - Ice Shaft Exploration

5.5.3 Case Study - Koala Counting After Wildfire

5.5.4 Case Study - Mosquito Larviciding

5.6 Energy

5.6.1 Case Study - Powerline Inspection

5.6.2 Case Study - Photovoltaic Plant Monitoring

5.6.3 Case Study - Offshore Fpso Platform Inspection

5.6.4 Case Study - Flare Stack Inspection

5.6.5 Case Study - Pumped-Storage Hydropower Plant Surveying

5.6.6 Case Study - Wind Turbine Inspection

5.6.7 Case Study - Linear Infrastructures Inspection

5.6.8 Case Study - Inspection of Oil Storage Tanks

5.6.9 Case Study - Inspection of Lighting Protection System in Wind Turbines

5.6.10 Case Study - Tailings Dam Monitoring

5.7 Health Care and Disaster Relief

5.7.1 Case Study - Emergency Defibrillator Delivery

5.7.2 Case Study - Nhs Covid Response

5.7.3 Case Study - Tissue Sample Transport During Surgery

5.8 Information & Motion Picture

5.8.1 Case Study - Commercial Advertising

5.9 Insurance

5.9.1 Case Study - Damaged Building Inspection

5.10 Mining and Quarrying

5.10.1 Case Study - Mining Operations Monitoring

5.10.2 Case Study - Surveying of Underground Mines

5.10.3 Case Study - Seismic Event Inspection

5.11 Public Administration

5.11.1 Case Study - Ship Emission Monitoring

5.11.2 Case Study - Reservoir Monitoring

5.11.3 Case Study - Drone-Based Remote Water Sampling

5.11.4 Case Study - Beach Plastic Cleaning

5.12 Public Emergency Services

5.12.1 Case Study - Unmanned Aerial Wildfire Ignitions

5.12.2 Case Study - Drone as a First Responder

5.12.3 Case Study - Governmental: Emergency & Security

5.12.4 Case Study - Public Safety: Firefighting

5.12.5 Case Study - Forensic Investigation Following Fire

5.12.6 Case Study - Urban: Riot Control

5.13 Real Estate and Industrial Plants

5.13.6 Case Study - Thermal Roof Inspections

5.13.6 Case Study - Perimeter Security Patrols

5.13.6 Case Study - Roof Measurement and Inspection

5.14 Safety & Security

5.14.1 Case Study - Autonomous Drone Surveillance

5.15 Telecommunication

5.15.1 Case Study - Network Coverage

5.15.2 Case Study - Telco Tower Asset Inspection & Management System

5.16 Transportation Infrastructure

5.16.1 Case Study - Railway Inspection

5.16.2 Case Study - Railway Inspection

5.16.3 Case Study - Aircraft Maintenance

5.16.4 Case Study - Navaids Inspection

5.17 Waste Management and Remediation Services

5.17.1 Case Study - Landfill Monitoring

6 Methods

7 Appendix: Industry Definitions

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For U.S./CAN Toll Free Call 1-800-526-8630
For GMT Office Hours Call +353-1-416-8900

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First published on Thu, May 5, 2022

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