TechDogs-"Funnel Launches MyQueue, Enabling True Centralized Role Specialization For Multifamily Leaders And Leasing Teams"

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Funnel Launches MyQueue, Enabling True Centralized Role Specialization For Multifamily Leaders And Leasing Teams

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Customer feedback and advances in new operating model shape enhanced workflows for customizable operational flexibility

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Funnel Leasing, the only Renter Management Software platform, today announced the biggest enhancement of a multifamily CRM in years: MyQueue. MyQueue, when combined with Funnel’s single guest card renter-centric architecture, allows property management companies to streamline centralized workflows for specialized roles and teams. Each agent’s customized MyQueue feed is individual to them based on their role and prioritizes the types of to-do’s that management companies deem as most important (factoring in time as well as priorities across prospects and residents).

“Funnel is responsive, takes customer feedback seriously, and remains flexible to changes in the new operating model,” said Noah Echos, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience for CARROLL. “MyQueue gives both our onsite and centralized teams a clear and actionable list of items to tackle in their day-to-day, and as operators, allows us to set which items are top priorities to create the exceptional renter experience we are known for providing. We can tailor the renter journey with AI, and automation easily; this new Funnel enhancement allows us to take the human side of our renter journey to a new level, without additional training or solutions to scale impact.”

Funnel’s customer research and feedback shaped the new enhanced workflow and dashboard. No two multifamily operators are the same, and companies have different priorities. With MyQueue, operators are finally able to systematically prioritize which to-dos teams tackle first, and layer on due dates to ensure time-sensitive tasks are a top priority. This gives teams an intuitive and clear view of their to-dos including initial follow-ups, pre-tour confirmations, post-tour follow-ups, and renewals in a streamlined efficient workflow in order to hit the ground running on day one. For example, if an operator has a dedicated renewal team, they can work through prioritized renewal-focused tasks across the portfolio with the click of a button.

“While we are all proud of the work that we’ve done to move the industry from property-centric to renter-centric. The business impact MyQueue has for our partners makes it one of the biggest enhancements of any multifamily CRM,” said Tyler Christiansen, CEO, Funnel. “Our operators want even more customized capabilities to create standard operating procedures that create role specialization for specific workflows, which allows businesses to let their team members play to their strengths. This combines automation, centralization and role specialization in the most powerful way, yet to power the most ideal renter experience on the market.”

About Funnel Leasing

Funnel exists so multifamily operators don't have to pick between antiquated monopolies or single solution challengers. After decades of the status quo, operators are no more efficient, and renters still dread the process of leasing an apartment. We fixed that with an independent platform that turns the entire business model on its head. Renter Management Software is a new category of connected tools built around the renter. The software delivers a consistent, connected experience from first inquiry through years of renewals. All this while simultaneously saving operators quantifiable money through the smaller, and happier teams that only a renter-centric platform can enable.


Funnel Leasing
Alex Howe, VP of Marketing

First published on Tue, Mar 28, 2023

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