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ftrack Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary at SIGGRAPH 2022 with the Latest Product Innovations and Presentations at Booth #403

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ftrack reveals new UIs, improved Nuke and Maya integrations, and several other new features that will further reduce friction in today’s post-production workflows.

STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#SIGGRAPH2022--ftrack, the creator of media review and team collaboration solutions for the creative industries, today announced its plans for SIGGRAPH 2022, the leading annual conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques. At this year’s event, ftrack will celebrate its innovation-rich history with the release of several feature updates – including a new UI and improved Nuke and Maya integrations – and will host a theater where attendees can watch demos and hear firsthand from ftrack customers.

This year’s event coincides with a significant milestone for ftrack; the 10th anniversary of its founding by CEO Fredrik Limsater and co-founders Björn Rydahl and Mattias Lagergren. Over ten years, ftrack has collected a Technology and Engineering Emmy, two Academy Sci-Tech awards, and has served 10 Best VFX Academy Award winners. Hundreds of studios worldwide have used ftrack products with thousands of projects delivered. Learn more about ftrack’s 10th anniversary.

“We are thrilled to be able to celebrate ftrack’s decade-long journey with our community of fellow creatives at SIGGRAPH,” said Limsater. “When we introduced ftrack to the world in 2012, we were a team of just five. Now, 10 years on, and ftrack has scaled in both team size and output. Our love for this industry, dedication to the people working in it, and thirst for innovation have led to three strong products. We can’t wait to introduce the many innovative new features we’ve added to each at SIGGRAPH 2022.”

New Product Features, Integrations, and Beta Releases

Since 2012, ftrack has created industry-leading tools that streamline the production pipeline. In ftrack Studio, ftrack Review, and cineSync, ftrack offers seamless production management and review and approval solutions via approachable and effective tools. The suite of features announced at SIGGRAPH 2022 will further increase usability and reduce friction when delivering complex productions via simplified workflows and ergonomic updates.

Connect 2.0
At SIGGRAPH, ftrack will officially introduce Connect 2.0, the desktop application that enables users to integrate ftrack Studio with creative apps, publish assets, launch custom code, and more. Connect 2.0 supports today’s VFX pipelines by making it easier to launch integrations and collaborate with artists. Features and benefits include:

  • A new widget system empowers users to create custom tabs inside Connect, which can contain any processes the user desires.
  • The Plugin Manager massively simplifies the installation of Connect 2.0’s widgets and ftrack Studio integrations.
  • A vastly improved infrastructure, including a new code base, an updated build and packing system, and a new configuration-based application launcher.

New Maya and Nuke ftrack Studio Integrations
Connect 2.0 will launch alongside two new ftrack Studio integrations: Nuke and Maya. These integrations will work with the most recent versions of Nuke and Maya and stand as the first of many new integrations built using ftrack’s new Pipeline Framework: a new way of building, delivering, and updating integrations in ftrack Studio. New features include:

  • Opener: Allows artists to open previously published scene files known as snapshots within the DCC application.
  • Asset Manager: For tracking assets and versioning up and down.
  • Assembler: Allows artists to ‘Assemble’ published assets by importing or referencing.
  • Log Viewer: Can be leveraged to debug situations arising within a studio’s pipeline.

New ftrack Studio UI and Sidebar
At SIGGRAPH, ftrack will show for the first time the new sidebar coming to ftrack Studio. The new sidebar represents the first step toward a significant UX redesign of ftrack Studio, built on a new technology stack. The new ftrack Studio sidebar offers users an improved user experience with enhanced ease of use and ergonomics. Benefits include:

  • Improved design and flexibility.
  • Intuitive navigation capabilities.
  • New docking modes: docked and modal.

A new UI for client review in ftrack Studio
At SIGGRAPH, ftrack will beta release a new client review experience inside ftrack Studio. The new client review UI in ftrack Studio significantly reimagines what came before and adds new tools and workflows to reduce friction in client feedback sessions. Features include:

  • A new UI: A larger media window, a redesigned feedback bar, and more.
  • An enhanced review experience: More responsive notes and faster session loading.
  • New tools: Ghosted annotations, flip and flop images, resolution selection, and more.

ftrack will also launch three other new ftrack Studio features at SIGGRAPH: Split Tasks, Status Permissions, and a new review session Lightbox Player.

ftrack theater at SIGGRAPH

ftrack will run a theater at booth #403 at SIGGRAPH 2022, featuring presentations from the ftrack team and clients. Attendees will hear from ftrack users like The Mill and SWISS, who will discuss how ftrack and cineSync have benefited their pipeline. There will also be sessions on managing review workflows, cineSync 5, ftrack’s new integrations, and more. See the full theater schedule.

On Wednesday, August 10, ftrack will host a social mixer, where guests will have an opportunity to show off their Nintendo skills against ftrack’s Super Smash Bros. professionals.

  • When: 5.00pm – Wednesday | 10 August 2022
  • Where: Booth #403

The ftrack team will be well represented at SIGGRAPH. If you’d like to meet with the team to learn how ftrack can solve post-production problems today, you set up a meeting via this link.

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About ftrack
ftrack, a Backlight business, is the creator of ftrack Studio, cineSync, and ftrack Review, the Emmy and Academy Award-winning production tracking, interactive media review, and team collaboration platforms for the creative industries. ftrack’s solutions are designed for producers, supervisors, artists, and pipeline developers and make it easy to seamlessly and securely collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Both ftrack's products and company ethos are founded on the core belief that success results from great teamwork. ftrack has built a talented global team that works with honesty, flexibility, and inclusivity and seeks to build a future where process disappears behind progress. ftrack was founded in 2012 and acquired by Backlight in 2021. ftrack is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022. To learn how ftrack is helping creatives meet the ever-increasing demands of creative workflows, please visit


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First published on Wed, Jul 27, 2022

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