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Front Acquires, Accelerating A New Era For AI-powered Customer Service

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The acquisition will accelerate Front’s AI roadmap to enable customer support teams to improve their speed and quality of service

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Front, a customer operations platform enabling teams to streamline communication and deliver exceptional service at scale, today announced its acquisition of AI platform,, to accelerate the speed of AI innovation for — and with — Front customers. The Windsor team has spent the last three years building an AI platform that produced nearly a million personalized videos, enabling companies to seamlessly scale the human touch in their communications.

“Looking ahead, we will integrate AI and automation even more deeply across Front’s platforms for all customer-facing and internal workflows. Front is committed to supercharging customer service agent productivity and enabling support teams to deliver top-tier service for every customer and across any channel.” - Mohammed Attar, Chief Product Officer

As users of Front from their earliest days in Y Combinator, the team shares Front’s vision of creating AI tools that help teams set new standards of service. “We both believed AI would be pivotal in transforming how companies and teams of all shapes and sizes interact with their customers,” said Pranay Prakash, co-founder of Windsor. “AI is not just about cool technology; it's about enabling customer-centric businesses to do what they do best, better.”

Until now, automated deflection required customer service leaders to make tradeoffs between efficiency and customer experience. Now, there’s no longer a need to choose. New AI-powered deflection and automation tools allow teams to create five-star customer experiences without sacrificing productivity. Beyond deflection, the next generation of world-class support teams will use AI to recognize the intent of customer inquiries and accelerate their resolution. AI will serve as a trusted co-pilot for all support operations — not just as a front-line defense. Front is committed to helping its customers integrate these new AI capabilities to fit their business needs and strengthen customer relationships.

It’s easy to think of AI as merely a bot that responds to customers for you. While Front enables this type of deflection, Front customers also handle complex, nuanced inquiries that require a human in-the-loop. Generative AI plays a key role in unlocking critical productivity gains for teams managing these inquiries behind the scenes.

By bringing the team on board, Front will deliver valuable AI capabilities faster than ever while continuing to serve as a trusted partner to help its customers implement these capabilities into their businesses. This year, the Front team will build on the launches of AI Compose and Summarize to accelerate agent productivity. Its newest features, AI Answers for real-time live chat deflection and AI Tagging for automatic topic detection, will launch out of beta in early 2024. To learn more, visit:

About Front

Front is a customer operations platform that enables support, sales, and account management teams to deliver exceptional service at scale. Front streamlines customer communication by combining the efficiency of a help desk and the familiarity of email, with automated workflows and real-time collaboration behind the scenes. With Front, teams can centralize messages across channels, route them to the right person, and unlock visibility and insights across all of their customer operations. More than 8,000 businesses use Front to drive operational efficiency that prevents churn, improves retention, and propels customer growth. To learn more, visit


Jane L. Chong

First published on Thu, Jan 25, 2024

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