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Finance In Motion And Napier AI Partner On AML For Secure Impact Investments

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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Napier AI, the London-based financial crime compliance RegTech, is pleased to announce that Napier AI Continuum has been selected as the anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CTF) platform for world-leading impact asset manager, Finance in Motion.

Napier AI is providing its Client Screening solution and Client Risk Assessment module as part of the Napier AI Continuum platform to Finance in Motion, to support its global growth in generating positive change in emerging markets.

Napier AI’s solutions will bolster Finance in Motion with the tools to continue delivering public and private capital exclusively towards impact investments in emerging markets, while protecting funds from being used to finance criminal activity.

Key features in the Napier AI platform that Finance in Motion will be adopting include:

  • API enabled, cloud native and automated client screening, supporting transliteration of 22 languages, AI fuzzy matching and secondary scoring capabilities;
  • a user-friendly interface with customisable workflows;
  • a sandbox environment for optimising screening configurations;
  • and configurable dashboards with no-code rule building and AI insights for efficient decision-making.

Impact investing addresses the world’s most pressing challenges and generates positive and measurable change, while delivering financial returns. Cutting off funding to activities that negatively impact people and emerging economies through effective anti-money laundering controls is an intrinsic part of this for Finance in Motion.

Impact investing plays a critical role in efforts to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals. The 8th goal towards ‘Decent work and economic growth’, is to ‘take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour, including recruitment and use of child soldiers, and end child labour in all its forms.’ The revenues generated from these criminal activities must be identified and seized through effective AML controls and strong collaboration with law enforcement. Finance in Motion is committed to contributing to these targets, and one of the ways it aims to do so is by implementing effective AML controls with Napier AI.

"Like any institution, we have a duty to ensure that the public and private capital raised is used exclusively for the intended objectives, in our case impact investments in emerging markets. Accordingly, regulation requires effective measures to prevent funds from being used to finance criminal activities. The collaboration with Napier AI allows us to efficiently query data through automated processes and integrated systems," says Sylvia Wisniwski, Managing Director, Finance in Motion.

Greg Watson, Chief Executive Officer at Napier AI noted, “Napier AI is proud to join forces with Finance in Motion to use next generation technology to make a positive impact on the planet. The key to dismantling criminal networks lies in cutting off their sources of revenue entirely by correctly identifying accounts, transactions, and behavioural patterns associated with financial crime. Napier AI’s cutting-edge compliance solutions supercharge Finance in Motion’s mission to generate positive change in emerging markets with automated client screening.”

About Napier AI

Napier AI is a RegTech delivering anti-money laundering and financial crime compliance software to banking, payments and wealth & asset management firms. Napier AI designs and engineers technological innovation to make a measurable difference in driving down financial crime. Trusted by over 150 institutions worldwide, the company’s platform, Napier AI Continuum, is transforming compliance from a legal obligation to a competitive edge.

About Finance in Motion

Finance in Motion is a global impact asset manager focused exclusively on sustainable development in emerging markets and developing economies. The company structures, manages, and advises impact investment funds that bring together public and private investors to address climate change, strengthen biodiversity conservation, foster the sustainable use of natural resources, improve livelihoods, and promote economic opportunities.

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For media enquiries:
Elise Thrale
Head of Content, Napier
+4477890 952 278

First published on Wed, Apr 24, 2024

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