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Fiberplane Launches Autometrics Explorer To Give Every Engineer Observability Superpowers

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AMSTERDAM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#devops--The demand for effective observability practices grows stronger as the lines between developers and operations roles blur. Enter Fiberplane’s latest product update, Autometrics Explorer. Explorer gives every engineer unique insight into their code performance at the code level, redefining how developers approach observability.

Micha “mies” Hernandez van Leuffen, founder and CEO of Fiberplane, explains, “We aimed to craft a tool that eliminates the barrier between development and operations. With Autometrics Explorer, we offer a user-centric solution that drastically reduces the debugging loop and enriches the developer experience.”

Key Features:

  • Built-in Prometheus. Explorer comes with the Autometrics CLI that can spin up a local Prometheus installation, facilitating a local-first observability workflow.
  • Define Service Level Objectives in code and build up performance indicators of your service.
  • Attach alerts to SLO’s to get actionable intelligence on misbehaving functions of your services and code.
  • Support for the most popular programming languages, including Rust, Python, TypeScript and Golang.

Explorer's core benefits:

  • O to 1 observability: A complete toolkit for full-circle debugging, including function analysis, Service Level Objectives that define performance thresholds, and actionable alerting.
  • Intuitive visual debugging enabling quick resolution: The fastest way to explore Prometheus-compatible data and quickly go from alert to faulty function.
  • Automated contextual insights: See the call graph for any function and drill down to misbehaving pieces of your code

Furthermore, Autometrics Explorer differentiates itself with an unmatched user experience, dedicated workflows, and a keen focus on shortening the debugging loop. Fiberplane is dedicated to enhancing the developer experience and committed to introducing a dedicated workflow rather than a one-size fits all dashboard.

Why is this a game-changer? Every minute of downtime can cause significant revenue loss for a business. With global budgets constricting, developers are now often tasked with operational roles. Autometrics Explorer democratizes observability, ensuring developers have the right insights for the job. Traditional monitoring tools often involve steep learning curves.

Fiberplane's Autometrics and Explorer offer a streamlined solution. Autometrics provides a consistent and easily digestible set of metrics without the steep learning curve, ensuring developers don't have to spend excessive time understanding complex systems. Explorer builds upon this foundation, simplifying the process of sifting through data and deriving actionable insights. Together, they form a low-cost, efficient toolchain for businesses—'low-cost' not only in terms of monetary expenditure (given its open-source nature) but also in terms of reduced training time and faster problem resolution.

Business pricing model Both Autometrics and Explorer are available free of charge. Fiberplane will introduce pricing for its managed service in the future.

Users can jump into Autometrics’ intuitive and easily accessible world of developer-first metrics with a tutorial tailored to their favorite programming language or clone a sample app repo. To download the Autometrics Explorer, users can utilize the Autometrics CLI or install it as a Docker container via Kubernetes or Cloud platforms like Render and Railway.

Explore the Autometrics website, launch video, and blog announcement for further details.

About Autometrics and Fiberplane

Autometrics is an open-source observability micro framework for developers. Autometrics is built by Fiberplane to make observability and monitoring more accessible for developers. Fiberplane is building a collaborative notebook platform for DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers. The mission of both Autometrics and Fiberplane is to enable developers to resolve and manage incidents with more focus and less friction.

Micha "mies" Hernandez van Leuffen founded the company in October 2020. Hernandez van Leuffen was previously the founder and CEO of Wercker. The company was acquired by Oracle in 2017.


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Elena Boroda
+49 178 555 08 62

First published on Fri, Aug 18, 2023

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