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Exasol Unveils The No-Compromise Analytics Database Unlocking Greater Productivity, Cost-Savings, And Flexibility

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Exasol is the only database designed to provide businesses with the ultimate flexibility in deployment without sacrificing performance or budget

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Exasol today unveiled its no-compromise analytics database, which delivers more productivity, savings, and flexibility for enterprises to better manage data in the cloud, SaaS, on-premises, or hybrid. With processing times up to 20 times faster1 than any other analytics database, Exasol provides an unmatched price/performance ratio, helping customers achieve 320% 2 ROI in reduced licensing, implementation, maintenance, and training costs. Businesses interested in trying Exasol in their own tech stack with their own data can do so at no cost for a limited time through its Accelerator Program.

Under the leadership of Exasol’s recently appointed Chief Executive Officer, Joerg Tewes, the new release underscores the company’s commitment to delivering what customers need – a solution that doesn’t require them to make trade-offs between cost, efficiencies, and flexibility. With Exasol, customers can run analytics anywhere their data lives – on-premises, cloud or across multiple clouds – with no rip-and-replace, no need to move data sets, no cost shocks. With the latest enhancements, Exasol seamlessly integrates with any data stack and analytics ecosystem, and dynamically scales to accommodate even the most complex data sets, removing friction and unburdening data teams to accelerate business outcomes.

“Exasol believes customers shouldn’t ever have to make compromises with their analytics databases, especially during these times of economic uncertainty and reduced IT budgets. This is why our offering allows users to see significant performance and efficiency gains, while working within their budgets and existing tech environments,” said Joerg Tewes, CEO of Exasol. “We have hundreds of global customers using Exasol with extremely complex data, at scale. From financial services and retail customers reducing queries from hours to seconds, to agriculture firms working with complicated models supporting DNA sequencing, our customers spend more time analyzing and optimizing with less time and headcount.”

The latest enhancements to the database enable organizations to:

  • Avoid replacing databases and get more out of existing tech stacks: Through Exasol’s performance enhancements, scaling optimization, and real-time processing, their entire tech stacks are more efficient.
  • Gain the best price/performance ratio: Market-leading concurrency, fast in-memory processing and query compute distribution provides greater performance on less hardware infrastructure.
  • Run analytics or machine learning (ML): Exasol's ML capabilities are built directly into the in-memory database engine, to deliver even greater efficiencies and cost savings. From uncovering hidden patterns in an organization’s complete data that significantly cuts down data preparation time, to enabling customers to effortlessly utilize open-source machine learning models, Exasol's ML capabilities provide customers with unmatched efficiency and scalability – Exasol makes ML actionable at scale.
  • Manage data where it lives: Workloads can be moved between platforms and uniformly automated and managed through a modern technology stack, whether it’s between self or fully managed SaaS, even on an ad-hoc basis.

“Exasol is a strong member of the AWS Partner Network, with its evolution and expansion of capabilities on AWS cloud,” said Mor Hezi, Head of EMEA Technology Partnerships at AWS. “We’re thrilled to continue building our relationship with Exasol, and look forward to fostering further collaboration and mutual growth. Together, we are transforming businesses.”

“Exasol has allowed us to push the boundaries of how we harness value out of our data, at a speed and scale which we never imagined,” said Cesar Picco, Senior Software Engineer at T-Mobile, USA. “We were immediately impressed with Exasol’s performance as we were able to handle multiple data science workloads simultaneously with over 200% improvement at significantly reduced effort. And this was just the beginning of our journey. In order to improve our 5G network decisions, we leverage our already existing massive amounts of business and network data to more accurately analyze potential network infrastructure. In the world of telcom, more coverage means happier customers, a superior customer experience, and ultimately a better value for our customers. Now, with these latest enhancements, we’ll be able to further explore the possibilities that lie in BI visualization, data mapping and modeling, and so much more. As the only database that offers this level of speed, efficiency, cost, and flexibility, Exasol continues to raise the bar, and we’re looking forward to more innovation, market disruption and customer satisfaction with this rollout.”

“Exasol plays an important role in our HR Data Factory and is the central data platform which, as the "digital twin" of the employees, manages data at Mercedes in a DSGVO-compliant manner. With its in-memory architecture, the Exasol database offers excellent opportunities to analyse and securely manage data with unprecedented performance,” said Jochen Linkohr, Head of HR DataFactory Team at Mercedes-Benz. “We appreciate the almost maintenance-free use of the database for many years. It enables us to increase efficiency and optimise costs, which in turn has had a positive impact on our business. We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with Exasol and using the new features to sustain our business."

To take advantage of the limited time Accelerator Program, and try Exasol in their own tech stack and data sets, businesses interested can go to The Accelerator Program allows them to immediately start a complimentary SaaS trial or participate in a proof of concept with three months and five terabytes for free, so they can experience what no-compromises means for their organization.

About Exasol

Exasol is the no-compromise analytics database that provides increased productivity, cost-savings and flexibility, redefining how businesses use data.

With 20x faster processing, Exasol provides insights in record time, empowering businesses to solve complex problems, become more data-driven and bring innovation to life. Exasol also delivers ROI of more than 300% with reduced licensing, implementation, maintenance and training fees, eliminating cost shock and vendor-lock in. With Exasol, businesses have flexibility to manage data the way they want – in the cloud, SaaS, on-premises, or hybrid – without rip-and-replace disruption.

Hundreds of global brands like T-Mobile, Revolut, and Allianz rely on Exasol to innovate, grow and win. Join them – try Exasol for free to experience what no-compromise can do for your organization.

Learn more at: and follow us on social media: LinkedIn and Twitter.


1 McKnight Consulting Group - Cloud Analytics Database Performance Testing Product Evaluation

2 The 2023 Total Economic Impact ™ of the Exasol Analytics Database study, commissioned by Exasol and conducted by Forrester Consulting


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First published on Tue, May 30, 2023

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