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Eptura Announces Worktech Innovations Enhancing Connectivity, Collaboration, And Security In The Built Environment

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Integrated platform launches intelligent solutions for unifying the management of people, workplaces, and assets

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Eptura, the global worktech leader, today announced its latest series of worktech advancements to help organizations solve their most pressing challenges when managing people, workplaces, and assets. The integrated platform manages all operational elements to optimize the built environment, enhance employee satisfaction, improve resource utilization, and promote sustainability.

Organizations are under budgetary and regulatory pressure to improve efficiency, drive sustainability initiatives, and maximize the value of their workplace and asset investments. Employee experience leaders need to earn the commute of workers returning to the office and deliver seamless technology in hybrid work arrangements. The new enhancements to Eptura’s unified worktech platform are designed to address connectivity, collaboration, and security, enabling business leaders to tie together their disparate HR, real estate, occupancy, facility, and asset management data to make critical operational decisions.

Available in Q2 2024, Eptura’s new workplace planning, and asset maintenance software features will help heads of real estate, facilities, employee experience and operations through:

Enhanced asset maintenance connectivity

  • Employees can submit maintenance service requests directly into the applications they already use: By integrating the front of house workspace or meeting room booking app together with the back of house maintenance work order system, the Eptura solution reduces friction by connecting requests from employees automatically into the maintenance work order ticketing process. With reduced in-office maintenance staff, and employees on hybrid schedules, this integration connects departments quickly, eliminates manual data entry and reduces data capture errors.
  • Find assets on digital maps and floorplan views: Eliminate wasted technician time trying to locate assets to service or repair by pinpointing their exact location within rooms and on floorplans. Organizations are experiencing labor shortages, and being able to maximize service and repair time by quickly identifying assets is critical for operations. Eptura unifies the view of the assets across floorplans accessible by all teams to eliminate silos and create optimized maintenance plans.

Smarter workplace collaboration

  • Employees can use AI with personalized suggestions to find an ideal workplace: With the increase of hybrid work and centrally shared workplaces, Eptura simplifies the workspace reservation process by automatically identifying and allocating suitable desk space based on employee requirements or preferences.
  • Visitor access data to automate workspace check ins: Use badge swipe data at the point of entry to identify presence and check people into reserved workspaces, creating a more seamless workplace experience while improving real-time occupancy and utilization analytics. When combined with intelligent bookings, this automatically creates a reservation on the employee’s behalf when they swipe in, eliminating the need to search for a space and giving workplace strategists a view to occupancy.
  • Sync space bookings with Microsoft calendars: Enable users to reserve workspaces directly within Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments to ensure people and resource schedules stay up to date and create more predictability when planning future space needs which prevents conflicts and improves productivity by not having to think about booking a space.
  • Multi-room bookings with Microsoft calendars: As the ‘offsite’ has become the new ‘onsite’, multiple meeting spaces need to be booked for a single calendar event. Eptura allows employees and admins to reserve multiple meeting spaces across floors, buildings, or locations from a single Microsoft Outlook calendar event streamlining the booking process.
  • Simplify meeting room reservations by setting them as recurring: The Eptura solutions allow global users to set meeting room or desk reservations to reoccur and administrations have the authorization to modify rooms to make sure the meeting is set up for success from the web or on the go through the mobile app.
  • Advanced analytics hybrid work dashboards: Visualize workspace data to optimize hybrid strategies based on employee preferences and daily, weekly, and monthly space utilization trends, by analyzing working styles remote work distribution and workplace attendance, leaders can make informed decisions on resource allocation and foster collaboration and leverage reliable office attendance data to gain insights into building utilization.

Advanced cyber and building security

  • Comply with U.S. federal regulations with Eptura’s FedRAMP In Process designation: Eptura’s established track record includes authorization to operate on secure high-side networks for various government agencies, demonstrating its readiness to meet the unique needs of the public sector and allowing enterprises to leverage the same technology that empowers federal agencies to securely operationalize facilities, assets, and infrastructure.
  • Specify rules by visitor types: Create customized experiences, procedures, access, and documentation for specific visitor types such as guests, contractors, clients, and suppliers. Guests can get parking details and contractors can get checklists of required documents.
  • Advanced visitor management integration with IWMS: Add visitors via Microsoft Outlook to notify participants, allow external attendees to pre-register for their visit, maintain an active log of anticipated and actual building guests, and sync visitor data with space management for occupancy insights. Organizations can easily secure their organizations with Eptura by connecting visitor management with their IWMS (integrated workplace management system).
  • Regional data hosting for visitor management: Access newly supported regional data centers to increase control over where visitor management system information is stored in compliance with all applicable data protection regulations.

“The product enhancements announced today are opening up more ways for organizations to connect asset and facility management into every part of their business, create better ways for employees to collaborate, and make it easier to manage their security,” said Eptura Chief Product Officer Fabrice Martin. “With the power of one unified platform, Eptura now offers multiple integrated benefits to help businesses thrive.”

To learn more about how enterprises are benefiting from Eptura’s integrated platform, visit

About Eptura™

Eptura is a global worktech company that digitally connects people, workplaces, and assets in a unified platform, to enable our customers to thrive. With 16.3 million users across 115 countries, we are trusted by the world’s leading companies, including 40% of Fortune 500 brands, to realize a better future at work. For more information, visit


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First published on Tue, Apr 16, 2024

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