TechDogs-"Elliptic Labs Signs Fifth Expansion Agreement with Laptop Manufacturer"

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Elliptic Labs Signs Fifth Expansion Agreement with Laptop Manufacturer

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TechDogs-"Elliptic Labs Signs Fifth Expansion Agreement with Laptop Manufacturer"

OSLO, Norway--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AIVirtualPresenceSensor--Elliptic Labs (OSE: ELABS), a global AI software company and the world leader in AI Virtual Smart Sensors™, has signed a fifth expansion contract with an existing PC/laptop customer. This agreement allows the customer to continue expanding its use of Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Presence Sensor™ into more laptop models.

“The laptop market and our customer’s feedback toward our AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform continues to be positive. As planned, our current laptop customer has expanded its contract with us for the fifth time so they can use our platform on more of their laptop models,” said Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. “As the laptop market seeks to deliver smarter, greener, and more innovative products, our platform is positioned to address these needs for the global laptop market. With close collaboration with our eco-system and our strong customer traction, the laptop market represents a solid growth opportunity for us.”

Elliptic Labs' AI Virtual Presence Sensor

Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Presence Sensor detects when a user is present in front of a PC/laptop system. This allows the device to sleep when a user is absent, conserving battery life and electricity, and safeguarding it from unpermitted access. Human-presence detection is becoming a core capability in the PC/laptop industry, but it is currently featured only in high-end devices due to the cost, risk, and design limitations associated with a dedicated hardware presence sensor. Elliptic Labs' software-only AI Virtual Presence Sensor delivers robust human-presence detection that allows OEMs to easily and affordably incorporate presence detection across a wide range of devices.

AI Virtual Smart Sensor, AI Virtual Presence Sensor, and AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform are trademarks of Elliptic Labs.

All other trademarks or service markets are the responsibility of their respective organizations.

About Elliptic Labs

Elliptic Labs is a global enterprise targeting the smartphone, laptop, IoT, and automotive markets. Founded in 2006 as a research spin-off from Norway’s Oslo University, the company’s patented software uses AI, ultrasound, and sensor fusion to deliver intuitive 3D gesture, proximity-, presence-, breathing- and heartbeat-detection experiences. Its scalable AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™ creates software-only sensors that are sustainable, human-friendly, and already deployed in hundreds of millions of devices around the world. Elliptic Labs is the only software company that has delivered detection capabilities using AI software, ultrasound, and sensor fusion deployed at scale. The company joined the Oslo Børs main listing in March 2022.

Elliptic Labs is headquartered in Norway with presence in the USA, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Its technology and IP are developed in Norway and are solely owned by the company.

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First published on Mon, Sep 19, 2022

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