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Elements Offers Growth-Minded Financial Advisors Money-Back Guarantee

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Advisors will receive refund if they follow the Elements Growth Method and are unable to onboard a new client within 90 days

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#90DayMoneyBackGuarantee--Elements, a financial assessment tool for advisors to accelerate their business development activities, today announced the introduction of a money-back guarantee that will grant advisors a refund if they fail to add at least one new client within 90 days of instituting and following the Elements Growth Method. This underscores Elements’ confidence in its tried-and-tested methodology, which positions advisors to demonstrate their value to clients and prospects, regardless of what’s happening in the markets.

The Elements Growth Method is a 90-day program that introduces advisors to Elements, including how it can be leveraged to convert prospective clients into paying clients. It consists of one-on-one training with a member of the Elements team and weekly cohort-based training with other growth-minded advisors. In the program, advisors learn how to use the Elements Scorecard as an assessment tool in their business development activities (email, webinars, social media, etc.). The growth camp is directed by Elements’ Customer Success team, led by Jordan Haines, CFP®.

“We have consistently received resounding feedback from advisors that Elements made it easier to engage with and onboard clients,” said Elements Chief Executive Officer Reese Harper, CFP®. “In fact, we’re so confident in our solution’s ability to help advisors scale their practices that we decided to introduce a money-back guarantee. We look forward to continuing our work for advisors, demonstrating the value they add to the client relationship by simplifying financial planning.”

Elements created an intuitive mobile app that enables clients to easily input their financial data. This, in turn, lays the groundwork for financial advisors to engage them in more targeted conversations. Clients' entire financial lives are visually represented across 12 key measurements, making it easier for them—and their financial professionals—to track progress across areas such as savings, tax and burn rate. In addition, Elements’ one-page financial plans are designed to reflect the constantly evolving nature of people’s financial lives and provide ongoing touchpoints for advisor-client engagement.

“After launching a financial assessment campaign on the back of attending Elements’ Salt Lake City workshop, I had 10 clients download the app and 40 percent of them completed the onboarding,” said Brandon Galici, an advisor who utilizes Elements. “It was astonishing. Elements’ tools enable me to demonstrate the tangible value I bring to my clients, which is of growing importance as our industry evolves from investment selection to advice-based planning.”

Carl Richards, CFP®, Chief Branding Officer at Elements, noted, “Elements provides advisors the opportunity to scale quickly and profitably, giving them more time to deliver high-quality financial advice to modern clients. Our Scorecard has proven time and again that it has the ability to convert prospects into clients, empowering advisors to highlight the value they can impart.”

For more information about Elements or to book a demo, click here.

About Elements

Elements is financial assessment software for financial professionals to demonstrate their value quickly and get new clients. Financial professionals use Elements to accelerate their business development activities (email, referrals, webinars, workshops, social media). Elements distills the complexity of a potential client’s financial life into simple, comparable, financial ratios that expose the value of professional guidance in a fraction of time. New customers to Elements, enroll in a 90-day Growth Camp to learn and apply The Elements Growth Method. For more, visit


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First published on Wed, Mar 29, 2023

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