TechDogs-"Elements Introduces a Re-Imagined, Simplified One-Page Plan"

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Elements Introduces a Re-Imagined, Simplified One-Page Plan

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The solution will modernize traditional financial planning, moving from a one-off product to an ever-evolving process, deepening the relationship between client and financial advisor

TechDogs-"Elements Introduces a Re-Imagined, Simplified One-Page Plan"
SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ClientExpectations--Elements, a mobile-first, client-centric, financial monitoring platform, today announced it has launched a fresh approach to the one-page financial plan (OPP) that helps the modern advisor remain in closer, deeper communication with clients as their financial needs consistently shift. Elements recognizes that traditional financial plans were built for a world that no longer exists and designed the OPP to serve people who are demanding a more flexible, iterative process that evolves as their financial lives do.

The OPP was created with all clients in mind versus only the top one percent, the intention being to enhance and elevate the relationship between advisors and clients beyond the one-off-event as most financial plans have historically been conceived, approached and delivered. It offers a touchstone for all parties to refer to frequently, reminding clients of what matters most to them, no matter what is happening in the market.

“When people envision a ‘financial plan,’ they are conjuring an image of a three-inch-thick binder, which they were perhaps guided through once, prior to it being shelved to collect dust,” said Reese Harper, CFP, Chief Executive Officer. “A financial plan like this is old-think – and loses value the minute it is completed, because it represents a singular point in time, as opposed to reflecting the constantly evolving reality that is every person’s financial life – now accessible in the palm of your hand.”

As the industry adapts to meet the needs of the modern client, solutions that reduce the time and cost of client acquisition and quality advice delivery are needed. Today, Elements enables high-impact, targeted conversations using 12 key financial vital signs, one for each major area of personal finance, to individuals and couples no matter their net worth.

“Financial planning should be a verb, not a noun, and in today’s world it should be an ongoing process meant to solve the needs of clients as they arise rather than visited once a year,” said Carl Richards, CFP, Chief Evangelist. “A financial plan should be written in pencil, not carved in stone; an acknowledgement of the dynamic nature of clients’ financial lives.”

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About Elements

Elements, a financial monitoring platform, is simplifying financial planning while dramatically lowering the costs for advisors to both acquire and serve clients. Elements encourages better behaviors with clients that promote financial health by displaying digestible pieces of critical financial data, including debt, savings, spending, insurance, investments, and more, that become the building blocks of a comprehensive, easy-to-monitor financial plan. The Elements scorecard provides advisors a way to capture vital client data quickly and easily and present a holistic picture of their financial life in a tangible and understandable way. For more, visit



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First published on Tue, Sep 20, 2022

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