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Elements Hits 10,000 Users Milestone After Just Three Years Of Operation

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Financial assessment platform is enabling advisors from 500 firms to attract a greater number of clients

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AdvisorExperience--Elements, a modern growth platform that helps financial advisors demonstrate their value faster, today announced that more than 10,000 end-client users spanning 500 advisory firms now use its financial assessment tool to manage and improve their financial lives. By effortlessly inputting their financial data into the user-friendly Elements mobile app, prospects and clients enable advisors to harness this information. Advisors can then employ this data in conjunction with the platform's 12 critical financial metrics to provide impactful insights, fostering meaningful discussions with their clients.

Elements’ end-client demographics reveal a diverse clientele of over 10,000 users, spanning from early adulthood to its oldest client at 94 years old. This broad spectrum highlights the platform’s capacity to engage clients across various age groups. Whether serving individuals in their prime earning years or those approaching retirement and beyond, advisors can leverage Elements to offer tailored financial guidance, recognizing and addressing specific client needs and concerns. These insights underscore the platform's potential to facilitate meaningful advisor-client interactions and strengthen relationships, making it a valuable asset for advisors seeking to connect with clients of all ages.

"Our goal at Elements is to ensure that sound financial advice is accessible to a broad audience, and it's truly rewarding to see that, in just three years of operation, we have been able to impact more than 10,000 lives," said Reese Harper, CFP, chief executive officer of Elements. "Whether they are retirees, individuals nearing retirement, or young adults embarking on their financial journeys, cultivating a strong sense of financial well-being is essential for everyone."

The significant engagement among millennials within Elements' client base, as revealed by a 26 percent representation of clients aged 30 to 40 years, highlights a critical avenue for advisors seeking to connect with the next generation. This heightened involvement aligns with findings from a 2022 Cerulli & Associates report, which underscored that 59 percent of millennials actively seek financial advice. Elements' user-friendly mobile app, featuring in-app messaging, effectively captures the attention of this tech-savvy demographic, engaging them in a manner they are accustomed to and comfortable with. Moreover, by utilizing the platform's creation of 12 essential elements for evaluating a prospect's financial health, advisors can swiftly demonstrate their value. This not only fosters meaningful engagement but also positions advisors as trusted guides in the financial journeys of younger clients, establishing crucial connections for long-term relationships.

Carl Richards, CFP®, chief brand Officer at Elements, added, "Seeing the progress that Elements has made since I first joined the company a little over a year ago is truly remarkable. When I first heard Reese talk about how this platform would place people's financial well-being at their fingertips and facilitate more meaningful interactions with prospects, it became clear that Elements has the potential to redefine the industry and significantly impact individuals' lives."

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About Elements

Elements is financial assessment software for financial professionals to demonstrate their value quickly and get new clients. Financial professionals use Elements to accelerate their business development activities (email, referrals, webinars, workshops, social media) and scale their impact beyond traditional limits. Elements distills the complexity of a potential client’s financial life into simple, comparable, financial ratios that expose the value of professional guidance in a fraction of time. For more, visit


Allie Zendrian

First published on Tue, Oct 3, 2023

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