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Econiq Rebrands As The Meetings Hub: Creator Of The First Meetings Management Platform For Financial Advice

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 The Meetings Hub is the first meetings management platform for financial advice which meets the growing demand for premium personalized client service.

BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#MeetingManagement--Econiq has combined its company and product name into a unified brand identity, The Meetings Hub™.

The Meetings Hub is a pioneering meetings management platform for financial advice, addressing the need for a premium client service. The Meetings Hub has recently received SOC 2 certification.

Meetings are the lifeblood of Financial Advice firms and the cornerstone of the client-advisor relationship. The Meetings Hub is designed to deliver a visually outstanding and effective client meeting experience.

The company's patented platform helps firms to scale and grow by:

  • Streamlining meeting preparation, resulting in substantial advisor time efficiencies.
  • Running visually captivating client meetings that highlight opportunities to deliver exceptional advice and service.
  • Implementing follow-up actions that consistently exceed client expectations.
  • Branding and designing meetings quickly and easily, while fully integrating them into the existing technology stack.

"The Meetings Hub transforms how meetings are run” says Jim Callan, CEO. "We're ushering in a new era of visual communication where every meeting becomes an opportunity to showcase expertise, deepen relationships, and provide clients with an unparalleled personal service."

Meeting Maps™ are at the core of The Meetings Hub platform, enabling advisors to structure and organize meetings facilitating naturally flowing conversations. These maps support a shared understanding among clients, advisors, executives, and customer service teams. This revolutionizes meetings management across the organization, allowing the entire team to work more collaboratively.

Meeting Maps are available for:

  • Navigating all advisor-client meetings.
  • Charting the client's progress on the life journey with the advisor.
  • Guiding the client through every stage of a meeting.

Meeting Maps for executives includes a new industry standard metric called Meeting Quality™ which tracks, measures and scores meetings so that firms can attain the highest level of client service.

About The Meetings Hub

The Meetings Hub leadership team has over 30 years’ experience in global software innovation, having worked with clients such as Bank of America, CIBC and Zurich. The Meetings Hub is the first comprehensive meetings management platform for advisors and delivers an unparalleled visual in-meeting experience.

To discover the future of meetings today, visit

The Meetings Hub is a registered business name of Econiq, Inc. and Econiq Limited in the US and Ireland.


Steve Blake

Chief Client Experience Officer

First published on Fri, Sep 1, 2023

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