TechDogs-"e4life Is Present At Expomed Eurasia With Its Innovative Device Able To Inactivate Flu And Covid Viruses With An Efficacy Over 90%"


e4life Is Present At Expomed Eurasia With Its Innovative Device Able To Inactivate Flu And Covid Viruses With An Efficacy Over 90%

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ISTANBUL--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Expomed Eurasia, the most important medical exhibition between Europe and Asia, is ready to house more than a hundred companies, to discover new technological trends and the most innovative products which are going to change deeply the health market.

This is a perfect occasion for e4life to present its device based on the e4shield technology which is able to inactivate flu and Covid viruses present in the air. A technology, patented in Italy, that uses neither chemical agents nor filtering materials, but it is based on the transmission of electromagnetic waves able to inactivate the viral load in aerosol.

“This Exhibition represents an extraordinary opportunity to present our innovative technology (e4shield) in a dynamic and rapidly evolving region as Eurasia. In a climate of growing consciousness of the importance of health and of the diseases’ prevention, there is a growing need for smart and technologically advanced solutions that can guarantee safe environments for people. e4life, with its extremely innovative technology, represents the most effective answer to this need. The features of our devices are unique in the market and can enormously contribute in improving people health and wellbeing” explains Vincenzo Pompa, CEO of e4life.

e4life has been launched thanks to a joint venture between two global leaders: ELT Group, world leader for over 70 years in Electronic Defense systems, and Lendlease, specialized in major urban regeneration projects.

The e4shield technology, which is the core of e4life, was given birth during the Covid period thanks to the initiative of a researcher of the ELT Group who explored the use of electromagnetic fields to inactivate viruses. Based on research by a group of Taiwanese scientists published in the scientific journal Nature, he began to get his first results by testing different frequencies of electromagnetic waves at first on Covid-19 and later on other Coronaviruses.

The devices distributed by e4life guarantee an efficacy over 90% and their inactivation power is almost instantaneous. During their use it is not necessary to evacuate the rooms, because it is harmless to humans and animals. The electromagnetic impulses used are safe. This applies both to the environmental version of the device (e4ambient), which acts in an area of about 50 square meters, and to the wearable release (e4you), CE and SAR certified, which guarantees that the device can be worn for as long as wished without any risks for the health.

The technology utilized in e4life devices has been tested under rigorous and scientific analyses and had been validated by the Celio Military Hospital, by the independent Research Institute ViroStatics and by a recent range of tests developed by the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences of the University of Milan (Italy). These last findings confirm what obtained in the previous tests: an extraordinary efficacy of 90%.

This technology and its efficacy against respiratory viruses had been reported by two recent issues on the periodical Viruses (June 2023) and on the European Society of Medicine (October 2023).

e4life technology is constantly evolving and can be adapted to an increasing number of viruses and, in a near future, to other micro-organisms too (e.g. bacteria). Thanks to the constantly evolving scientific research, these devices will be able to inactivate an ever growing number of different pathogens.


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First published on Fri, Apr 19, 2024

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