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DigitalOptometrics Wins Coveted 2023 EyeVote Award For Telehealth Solutions

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LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#digitaloptometrics--DigitalOptometrics proudly announces its recognition as the winner of the prestigious 2023 Reader’s Choice Award in the Telehealth Solution category by 20/20 and Vision Monday’s annual EyeVote Survey. This accolade reflects DigitalOptometrics' dedication to transforming optometric care through an innovative patient-centric approach to remote, real-time, comprehensive eye exams.

The 15th annual EyeVote Survey, hosted by renowned Jobson Medical Information publications, 20/20 and Vision Monday, conducted a comprehensive analysis across 20 distinct categories, seeking insights from optical retailers and ECP readers. DigitalOptometrics emerged as the preferred choice in the Telehealth Solution category based on the collective voice of industry professionals.

Revolutionizing Optometric Care

DigitalOptometrics revolutionizes optometric care by offering unparalleled access to a team of remote optometrists seven days a week. This access expands patient outreach without increasing the workload for practitioners, offering unprecedented convenience and flexibility.

Efficiency Redefined

Our cutting-edge high-definition video technology facilitates convenient scheduling, reducing wait times and streamlining the entire examination process. Patients no longer need to wait for in-person appointments; our licensed optometrists are just a click away, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

Preserving the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Understanding the significance of the doctor-patient relationship, DigitalOptometrics ensures that our remote exam experience mirrors the personalized care practitioners provide. This commitment preserves continuity and fosters trust in every interaction.

Exceeding Standards of Excellence

DigitalOptometrics doesn’t merely meet industry standards; we surpass them. We are an extension of optometric practices, dedicated to upholding the highest levels of excellence in every remote consultation.

Seamless Integration, Expanded Possibilities

Our services seamlessly integrate into existing practices, allowing for the addition of exam lanes, extended business hours, or even the opening of new locations without the need for additional full-time doctors.

DigitalOptometrics is honored to be recognized as the premier choice for Telehealth Solutions in the 2023 EyeVote Survey. This accolade reaffirms our commitment to reshaping the landscape of optometric care through cutting-edge telehealth innovations.

About DigitalOptometrics:

DigitalOptometrics is a leading provider of telehealth solutions, empowering optometric practices to extend their reach and enhance patient care through remote consultations. With a focus on innovation and excellence, DigitalOptometrics is committed to revolutionizing the delivery of optometric services.

Note to Editors:

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Alex Louw
Chief Operating Officer

First published on Thu, Nov 30, 2023

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