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Digi International to Showcase New Solutions to Accelerate Time-to-Market for Remote Asset Monitoring and Control at Embedded World 2022

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Digi ConnectCore MP1 System-On-Module with Voice Control Software and Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller Take Center Stage to Help Medical, Transportation, Agriculture and Industrial Enterprises Innovate Faster 



NUREMBERG, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Digi International®, (NASDAQ: DGII) - a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products, solutions, services and wireless data plans - today announced it will showcase a wide range of its new solutions and devices at Embedded World 2022 that enable medical, transportation, agriculture and industrial enterprises to create innovative solutions faster.

Digi’s first-look of its Digi ConnectCore MP1 system-on-modules, Digi ConnectCore Voice Control software, and Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller takes place at Bressner Technology booth 1-236 in Hall 1. Digi ConnectCore MP1 is also on display at STMicroelectronics Wall of SOMs booth 4A-148. There are live demos of Digi XBee and its IX15 gateway and the new Digi ConnectCore Voice Control application at the NXP booth 4A-222.

Bolstered by Digi Remote Manager®—the command center of an intelligent network—Digi’s new and smaller embedded IoT technologies dramatically improve the way people, machines and processes interact. Network connectivity is the fundamental key to the true potential of these technologies that place Digi at the forefront of some of the most advanced networking solutions combining software, hardware and services for enterprises.

“This is an exceptionally exciting year to return to Embedded World,” said Andreas Burghart, Senior Product Manager at Digi. “Advances in connectivity and IoT devices are spurring the rapid development of next-generation, cost-effective, integrated solutions. That’s unleashing new waves of innovation across numerous industries that require reliable and secure connectivity. We’re looking forward to sharing our progress and collaborating with our customers on breakthrough embedded solutions.”

Digi’s Embedded World 2022 solution showcase includes three new or recently launched products:

  • Digi ConnectCore® MP1 Family – The Digi ConnectCore® MP1 family of system-on-modules (SOMs) features the industry’s smallest STM32MP1 SOM that integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wired connectivity without comprising design flexibility. The solution also features its Connected Device platform and well-tested development tools and design support. Digi ConnectCore MP1 SOMs offer a cost-effective wireless solution for OEMs seeking to reduce product-development risk and effort.
  • Digi ConnectCore Voice Control Software – This advanced voice-control software solution is designed for the acclaimed ConnectCore family of system-on-modules (SOMs). Digi ConnectCore Voice Control is a fully integrated, ready-to use software solution that enables developers to design a voice-based human-machine interface (HMI) to control device operations using speech. It provides voice processing on edge devices (including support for 30 languages and a 60,000-word vocabulary) with no cloud connectivity required. That reduces connectivity costs and data-privacy concerns while providing response times of less than 100ms.
  • Digi XBee® Intelligent Edge Controller (IEC) - The Digi XBee® Intelligent Edge Controller (IEC) delivers a comprehensive networking architecture to close the gap between field devices and the cloud and provide powerful asset monitoring and control. In combination with Digi X-ON cloud, the Digi XBee IEC helps companies monitor sensors or remote-control assets over long-range, low-power wide area networks, including LoRaWAN, CAT-M1, and NB-IoT. Industrial devices can be monitored with sub-second latency with alarms and data wirelessly delivered through the Digi X-ON cloud.

At Embedded World, Digi will also demonstrate its wireless IoT solution for smart agriculture with a simulation of a complete ecosystem that can centrally manage multiple farms. This end-to-end solution provides crop managers with real-time weather conditions that help determine optimal irrigation cycles, maximize crop yields and lower labor and supply costs. The heart of the system is the Digi IX15 gateway and cellular router that communicates with irrigation pumps through a wireless mesh network of Digi XBee® modules. Using Digi Remote Manager® and a cloud-based web application, a crop manager monitors exact weather and soil conditions at each farm, and controls individual pumps. The commands pass through the internet to the IX15 by a cellular network, and the IX15 relays the commands to the XBee modules at each pump, turning them on and off remotely.

Digi will also preview its upcoming Digi ConnectCore 93, which includes NXP’s i.MX 93 system-on-a-chip (SOC). Digi is one of six Early Access Partners for this April 2023 release.

For more information about Digi, stop by Bresser Technology Booth 1-236 in Hall 1 or visit:

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About Digi International

Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) is a leading global provider of IoT connectivity products, services, and solutions. It helps companies create next-generation connected products and deploy and manage critical communications infrastructures in demanding environments with high levels of security and reliability. Founded in 1985, Digi has helped customers connect more than 100 million things and counting. For more information, visit


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First published on Tue, Jun 21, 2022

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